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  1. Actually - seeing all the banter, bickering, and commentary on business elements not represented here - practically all of this has been off topic if one actually reads what my original post actually asked. If some wish a platform - for certainly an important topic - to conduct a political and/or policy debate regarding the costs, economics, and access of healthcare in America, start a thread for that; looks like there are many people that would certainly interested in that. I have received nearly zero information that actually pertained to what I asked. FYI: I am under 65 and I am an escapee member. Thanks for telling me I probably don't count somehow. Concerning what capacity Kyle will fill, what Kyle actually wrote me is: "Thank you so much for contacting us here at RVer Insurance Exchange. This is a confirmation email that we have received your inquiry. We will reply as soon as we can! Important: Please read the following if you are under 65 and requesting a ACA health insurance quote from us: Dear fellow RVer, Thank you for contacting us here at RVer Insurance Exchange. It is with great disappointment that we have to announce that due to recent announcements from most insurance companies to discontinue compensating agents we will not be able to provide one on one health insurance consultations to non-Medicare customers (except for those interested in our Health Care Sharing program) until further notice and instead will move to a self-service website for non-Medicare health insurance quoting and enrolling. We will continue to update the website and add information relevant to health insurance for RVers—we just won’t be able to provide one-on-one consultations for non-Medicare health insurance until further notice. (my highlighted notation) Please note that this does not apply to our other products! We will continue to offer quotes for Auto/RV, Short Term Medical, Medicare, Telemedicine, Health Care Sharing and more at RVer Insurance Exchange. What can you do? First, we suggest you read our RVer Guide to ACA Enrollment. The end of the guide gives you some insight into what specific insurance companies we recommend you consider in FL, SD, or TX. Then, if you would like a quote for insurance you can still obtain instant quotes and enroll right here. Our popular 10 minute Marketplace application will remain available at that link indefinitely. It is still helpful to us if you enroll through our website." I'm not going to bother monitoring this anymore.
  2. Thanks Smitty. In terms of political statements, I think ACA is simply government mandated corporate profits. Even tho Hillary says she'd like to offer Medicare as a buy-in for those such as us, why would the insurance industry let her do that? I am looking at health coops in the mountains states who at least are not greedy for profits. Currently I work in healthcare and I see that people who have ACA plans, bronze or silver, can't even get in the door unless they can pay upfront cash - which many don't have, although they have to pay some monthly premium. I think the people in the middle are the ones burnt most. I expect to be without insurance likely during the Fall of 2016 as I try to find a primary physician that would support a RVer lifestyle. I don't mind having to return to domicile state for planned healthcare needs, but I would like some catastrophic policy for when one is on the road. Off hand it seems one needs to purchase at least a Silver plan to have some sort of out-of-network support (ER and many 50% copay). And I am looking at Off Exchange products.
  3. Yes I spoke with him a few months ago when I was planning the timetable for my exit strategy. We agreed we'd talk again when I was closer to that time What two other Western states would allow me to establish domicile (providing legitimate address without residency) that would also have mail forwarding service?
  4. I've only briefly inspected two health sharing ministries, and I have the impression these are oriented towards the evangelical community, and that's fine with me. I think what I am looking for is a "plan" that has firmer statements on what healthcare needs are supported. The wording is somewhat vague about what is actually provided, and appears to be a sort of mission outreach. I don't know that these are suitable for me; for while I meet all the guidelines for lifestyle, I really don't want someone wondering if I go to church enough for example. This missions are not intended for someone like me, for although I whole heartedly support the beliefs of the individuals involved, my belief system is more nebulous then the intended market these ministries intend to reach. Heck if I had greater financial means I'd be glad to contribute for no other reason then to assist their coop efforts - so to speak. But I don't think these structures are meant for me. It would be unethical for me to utilized these programs without fully endorsing the scope of their intentions I believe.
  5. Thanks Zulu. I looked at mail forwarding once in Oregon and the company was going shutting down. I didn't explore the issue further since I would likely be considering Oregon/Idaho/Montana/Colorado region... in the long run. I guess the big question is who offers mail forwarding, "and" also meets the need for domicile. I don't mind coming back to the domicile state annually. I just don't want to drive to Florida. I suppose that puts me in the category of staying in the West coast/Rocky Mountain states.
  6. Thanks, but that still leaves the problem of domicile in Colorado and mail forwarding. To me these are the most problematic aspects.
  7. Yeah, I have a pretty good idea of where I choose as a home state; not 100% sure. The big problem is residency (and mail forwarding). The cheapest way to do that is to just rent a room somewhere so one has an address to start, but that would likely cost $400+ per month just to have an address..
  8. As I said , "For example..." and maybe its a place I'd choose to live rather than Florida. ... following up with my question to Zulu. I made the comment because if I pay for a PPO service that provides only local network, that I might as well go back there for at least basic annual medical needs to benefit partially from a policy that I would be paying for. Hence, my original posted question. Another reason I would not seek domicile in Florida. As WheelingIt.Us says, it looks like the trend is to eliminate such coverages - in their opinion. I am familiar with the background issues. My original questions were: "Has anyone found "any" solution now for pre-medicare age insurance plans that covers outside the domicile state?" "For just using the healthcare inside the domicile state are people being rejected simply because they are RVers?"
  9. Following up with Zulu's comment about PPOs in other states: I think that would require I meet domicile requirements in that state. For example I would need some sort of legitimate address in Oregon I believe. So I would be back to the cost of that. I suppose one could just rent a room from someone, but I bet that would be hard to do for less than $400 per month.
  10. Glen West, are the services you are discussing local services or are they out of state services received while on the road? When you say you "present the card" is that to anyplace out of state? Rondo, you mentioned "if it works out CHM pays directly". What does "if it works out" mean? I'm not concerned about maternity stuff and issues with pre-existing condition just would see normal with insurance companies of old. It would be a loosing battle being responsible to negotiate with a hospital on one's own. I have to look at the link to Liberty from Zulu, but to me the big question is after whatever the deductible is - even say it's 10,000 per year, what then does the plan actually pay? Getting 50% coverage is pretty inadequate to me since I would expect at least catastrophic coverage. There should be a cap.
  11. For myself there is nothing that draws me east, especially as far east and south as Florida. I just don't see myself ever being in Florida. With both South Dakota and Texas it would be do-able to go back once each year, or so, because all one can get is local coverage. Could one use Florida, just to get the insurance, and 'never' have to go back? I was looking at BCBS's website the other day and when they speak of nation wide coverage they refer to a specific program. I'd need to call them, but I wonder if that is an additional premium. I wonder: looking at ZULU's link to other states with PPOs - What does it take to establish domicile in those states and .... What does one do for a mail service then? I looked at one mail forwarding company in Oregon and they were out of business. Blues: What are the other options you are referring to if one is not looking for subsidy. Thanks - this is really complicated. What a sad statement for healthcare. Really, "health" and "care" - like those words go together anymore. Health money: that what it should be called.
  12. Thanks for writing.... So the provider required you to pay up front the full amount before they would perform the labs? What would happen if you needed a CT or an MRI? Would you need to pay for that whole service up front to get the imaging done? After deductible, what percent would they reimburse for costs such as that? Finally, were these tests she needed in your hometown community, or where you on the road, out of state? Thanks again, B
  13. Hi, Regarding the health share ministries alternative to ACA, who actually has experience with acquiring medical support throughout the USA (as an RVer) using such healthcare insurance alternative? This is not a request for a link to an Internet health share ministry website. Is there anyone that can actually speak to their own experience using an alternative such as this, including whether you were able to use your physician of choice, where medial provides actually accepting you as a patient outside their network, and what were the financial results you actually encountered? Thanks! Bill
  14. Hi, I need to select either SD or TX as domicile, and I will be roaming out of state primarily. Reading what has been posted I see the healthcare insurance problem for pre-medicare age retirees. I noticed some discussion that Hillary may have a solution for us, and other concerns mentioned during 2015. Has anyone found "any" solution now for pre-medicare age insurance plans that covers outside the domicile state? For just using the healthcare inside the domicile state are people being rejected simply because they are RVers? I see the tele-medicine support, but is there actually an insurance plan to protect from catastrophic costs? If not, I suppose there isn't much difference between the SD or TX locations. Any input? Thanks, Bill
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