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  1. Hi there, I am new to this and a female so I don't know much about engines. Hubby and I are looking at a 1965 8V71 with a 4 speed Allison transmission. Electric shift (not sure what this means though?). It was rebuilt less than 10K ago. He is handy and an aircraft mechanic by trade but knows nothing about diesels or RVs for that matter. I am sure he can work on it no problem, but we just want to know what we are getting into. How reliable can we expect this to be? I have read that they all burn oil. How much? Most ads mention how many miles "since last rebuild". How often does it need to be rebuilt? What is the general maintenance for these things? I've done a ton of research but can't seem to find anything about these items. I know that all engines have "bad years". Does anyone know if 1965 was a good year? Is there any advice that anyone could add about inspecting this thing? I'm detailing a list, but don't want to miss anything big. Are brakes an expensive or hard job? Hubby does our brakes- so I'm guessing he could do these no problem? Thank you in advance!
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