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  1. We utilize a Wifi Ranger 4G-X to boost the cell signal we receive which is connected to a Verizon mifi with unlimited data. We have a Wifi Ranger Core router to help push the signal through the rv and for when we like to sit outside and surf or watch tv. We also signed up for Directv Now for $35 a month with over 100 channels. We can stream on our phones, tablets, and computers, or through several devices on to our actual television sets. One added benefit is that since our phones and tablets are AT&T it doesn't count against our data plan to stream the Directv Now. We also have a couple of Rokus and a Roku TV....and between these and the apps on our tablets and laptops, we watch netflix and amazon prime video quite a bit. So far we have been extremely pleased with everything.
  2. Just returned from a 10 week road trip, and while I was on the roof I noticed the stuff covering the seam where the roof appears to meet the cab has deteriorated/torn. It's happened in a couple of spots and other areas look as if they may soon do the same. What's the best way to take care of this? Dicor, Eternabond tape, both, something else? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Going to try and attach a photo....
  3. There are 11 lag bolts attaching that side of the awning, and it looks like I will probably need to repair 5 of them, basically all of them on one side of the bracket arm. Fortunately it doesn't appear to have hit with enough force to pull both rows out. The majority of them appear to be 1.25 inches, but one I pulled out is 1.75, so I'll probably go to Home Depot and get all 1.75
  4. Yes Kirk, they are lag bolts. I just pulled out a couple that are in need of repair and small bits of wood came out of the hole, so.....I'm assuming they were screwed into wood. Didn't notice any type of metal or the sound of metal from within the hole.
  5. Guess my mind was elsewhere. Found we had a can of vegetables roll under the sofa/coach and was busy digging that out so the slide wouldn't get messed up, then was still thinking about having to back up and hook up the tow dolly for our car. What bothers me the most was that I didn't even get in the driver's side door (opposite the awning), I walked right under the darn thing, through the main entry door, went and sat down and started the engine. The wife said a couple of weeks ago we should have a checklist. Guess she was right (again).
  6. Thanks everyone! Going to head to the store later to pick up what I need, then we'll see how it goes..
  7. Oh I see Gorilla glue makes a wood glue....maybe that's it.
  8. Thanks Newt! Depending upon any other possible replies, I'll give it a try. One question though....why Gorilla glue and not some type of actual wood glue? Thanks again. -John
  9. We have a 2013 Forest River Sunseeker 3100. Ok, someone (possibly me) decided to drive this morning with the awning still out. It hit a tree branch, which seems to have pulled a few of the screws partially out in the middle and at the top of one of the awning brackets attached to the side of the RV. These screw go directly into the sidewall of the RV, it's not one of those that attaches to an external bracket at the top and bottom. All the screws are still there but have been pulled part way out of the RV sidewall. I tried tightening them and it helped a little, but it seems as if, whatever they were screwed into (possibly wood behind the sidewall?) has been stripped. Any idea what these screw into and/or how to access the area or what to do. I'll call the local RV place in the morning and see what they, but we're only in our current city for another 3 days and won't be in one place for more than a week, for a couple of months. I'd love to know if it's possibly a DIY situation or if it's something that really has to be done by a professional. The awning still works....though due to the screws being looks, the bracket tilts slightly one direction and someone needs to push a bit on the arm when closing the awning to it to close properly. My main concern is that because the screws have been pulled out partially, that water might get into the sidewall if it were to rain. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!
  10. Thanks everyone for all the great replies and thoughts! After the feedback, we thought things over, sat in a variety of sizes....and decided that we'd be happier in one that has a little more room as we'll be in it probably 9 months of the year. The original plan for the past year has been to sell the S&B and get a huge new 5th wheel, but our situation changed and by going with a less expensive used class C, we'll be able to keep our home base to come back to occasionally and will also give my mother who's getting up in years a nice home to stay in. It's not fanciest I realize, but we found a 2013 "new to us" 32 foot 3100ss Sunseeker that the family fell in love with, so we're picking it up tomorrow afternoon. The wife likes the full body paint, while the 9 year old daughter loves the bunk over the cab and is excited to get started on some adventures as we explore the country. Thanks again and watch out as I have a feeling the questions we may have will only multiply exponentially after tomorrow :-) -John, Laurel and Reagan
  11. Hoping to get a few opinions and thoughts on the difference between a 32 ft class C and something a little less than 30 ft as it relates to getting into state and national parks. In your experience, will a 32 ft class C prohibit staying at many state and national campgrounds...as opposed to having something in the 26-28 ft range? We'll be east of Texas 95% of the time if that matters (Florida, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, North Carolina, etc, etc). I'll search the forum and also look up some individual parks and see if I can find out a little more, but was hoping to leverage the experience of those on the forum. Thanks!
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    Thanks! I don't think I've come across that one before.
  13. Was about to sign up for DirectTV to get the unlimited data when I noticed the "tethering and mobile hotstop use prohibited". As I'm sometimes not all that great when it comes to technology, could anyone explain why this would be the case? What's the difference (to AT&T) if Im using the data directly from my phone, or using it from a tablet tethered to a phone? Thanks!
  14. There are a number of similiar floorplans. A few of them might include: Heartland Elkridge 39MBHS Heartland Oakmont 390MBL GrandDesign Solitude 377MB Jayco Northpoint 377RLBH Keystone Montana 3950BR DRV Mobile Suites 43 Atlanta
  15. We've utilized K12 for the last few months and we love it. It's not "unschooling" by any means....but it presents the material in several different formats which really seems to help our 9 year old daughter. I would like to point out that I know a number of others utilizing it and none of them are subject to the same regulations. schedules, and scopes and sequences of the public school system as mentioned. Now in our county, if we were wanting K12 for free, then yes, the students are tested and follow the normal school year.....but as we opted to pay for K12 ourselves, we can mix and match classes and/or grades and follow any schedule we want, we can add to the curriculum or skip parts if we choose, and are not required to take the standardized tests.
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