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  1. Hello and Thank You

    Hello to the board and my thanks to the Administration for admission into the forums as well as my recent membership into the Escapees organization. My wife and I will this morning pick up our first RV from La Mesa RV here in Mesa, Arizona. It’s a 2014 Itasca Solei 34T and within a few hours we’ll begin the PDI. My gratitude to those who’ve provided information on and links to the various PDI sheets, many of which I’ll shortly make use. Our first three nights will will be spent at an RV park about four miles away from the dealer for the “just in case” factor. This part of our pick-up-plan being just one of hundreds of pieces of information obtained from you good people here. The car is packed in a manner which would do proud Jed and Granny. Included along with the basics is the Hughes Autoformer model which also contains the surge protector feature. If at all possible I’ll also have a TST 507 TPMS installed before leaving Friday for San Diego en route home to Redlands. Again, hello to the forum and my continued thanks to the membership for their contributions and the administration for their work in maintaining this site. We look forward to engaging with the group through the board and events. Given I retired last month, the loving bride has been filling in a calendar and we hope to soon meet many of you. Sincerely, Robert (Colt) and Susan
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