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  1. mohamer

    portable propane grill

    I carry a nice Stainless Steel Grill made by Olympian. It is model 5500 Professional Series. It has its own stainless steel legs for setting it on a table, it also has a removable grease tray, very easy to clean up. I have had no problem having enough heat to cook anything. It has a cast Iron plate under the cooking grill to spread out the heat evenly. I have a hose with quick disconnect to hook it up to the Motorhome Gas system, one can also hook it up to a Propane Tank with a pressure regulator.
  2. mohamer

    Stainless Steel Hose

    I could see the stainless covering if running a couple thousand PSI.
  3. Has anyone tried BarBQued Joey???
  4. mohamer

    What radio in your RV?

    The Stereo Radio is SONY, a Sony of my Owny!! It works very well!! The Ham Radios are Yaesu, FT-991 and FTM400DR. They work very nice too. You might say our motorhome is RADIOACTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. mohamer

    License Renewal

    When I recently renewed my call I got a email from the FCC with a link to the PDF file that is my license, I saved it and printed it. The FCC has cut back on printing big time, it cost$ less. kb0ou
  6. mohamer

    Water Softener recommendations

    RV PRO 10,000 is what I use, it works very well.
  7. mohamer

    steer tires and drive tires

    I am running Sailun Rib tires on my MH, they are a very good tire. Sailun S637 225/70R19.5 You may spend a lot of money on tires but you don't always have to.
  8. I don't have a MDT, it is a MH, Truck tires are on it. I have Sailun S637 Rib Tires on all 6. Size is 225/70R19.5. I run 95 PSI on Front and 90 PSI on the Rear. These tires ride real good, they are wearing fine, on a grooved hiway they do sometimes want to follow the groove. I purchased these tires almost 2 years ago and they are serving me very well, at less than $1600.00 for all 6 mounted and balanced I think they were a bargain. I have a friend in New Jersy that has a tire service and does only Commercial Vehicles, he has sold Sailun tires for a while and has not seen a problem with the tires at all, he has sold a lot of them.
  9. Speaking of tags, for several years I carried 3 sets of tags on my truck, Missouri Apportioned tag, Yukon tag, and Alaska tag. One day a Montana LEO stopped behind me on the side of the road, I was napping, and he came to my window and asked which tags were current, I told him that they all were current and required. I was running commercial to Alaska at the time and Yukon did not participate in Apportion tag program, Alaska did not also. So, I had 3 current tags on one truck, some of them were front and back. It got kinda crowded!!
  10. I got pulled over and given a ticket for not displaying my tag correctly. This happened in Texas, my truck was licensed in Missouri, they only issue a front tag if the truck is tagged for over 18,000 lbs. at that time. When issued the ticket I required the Texas patrolman to give me the name and phone number of his supervisor. I called his supervisor and he got the ticket pulled as I was running legal. I did not appreciate being detained at the side of the road by a Texas LEO who did not know what he was doing. YMWV
  11. mohamer

    Oil change

    I have extended my oil change interval due to the better oils available, even if not synthetic, and better filtration. I do send off samples to see how my oil is doing. I just sold my 1996 Dodge with Cummins diesel that had 1/2 Million miles on it, it was running great, not using crankcase oil. I changed all fluids on it at 25,000 mile intervals but I had a bypass filter system on the engine oil. I always used Shell Rotella T 15/40 on that engine. Of course that truck did not sit a lot.
  12. mohamer

    19.5s off truck on trailer?

    The 19.5 tires and wheels should serve you well on the 5er. They are used a lot on lowboy trailers etc. I run 19.5 on my MH, very good service. I have also used them on a Low Profile tractor for commercial hauling.
  13. mohamer

    30Amp versus 50Amp Hookups

    One of the most dangerous electrical items around most RVs and Homes is ZIP CORD. It is responsible for burning down many homes and should be outlawed. But it is found on a lot of electric heaters and other electrical appliances. Be very careful with anything that has zip cord on it for power.
  14. mohamer

    Keeping truck "forever"

    When I sold my Dodge PU it had 430,000 miles on it, the 5.9 Cummins only had the head gasket changed at about 125,000 miles due to a weep in the front by the thermostat. I knew a guy and his wife in Indiana that hauled RVs to the dealers, he had over 1 million miles on his 5.9 Cummins and it was going strong. By the way, both of us used K&N air filters on our Cummins, maybe they would last longer if we had a better filter on them. YMWV
  15. I have Sailun Tires on my MH. They are a very good tire, ride good and wear very good, I even get better fuel mileage with them. John in Joplin kb0ou