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  1. I bought the Garmin LMTHD with the backup camera for my 25' fiberglass trailer. Tow vehicle is a Suburban. Just installed all today. Backup camera and GPS unit seem to work fine so far, I have only driven about 20 miles so far. I could drive about 50' away from my trailer before I would lose signal, 90' total distance from transmitter to receiver. I thought that was pretty good.
  2. Leaning towards LMTHD with wireless backup camera. Suburban towing a 25' fiberglass trailer, so close to 45'. Seems like it should work. Thanks.
  3. My wife and I travel to Mexico every winter also. I have never owned a GPS. I would assume Paul you had to buy the Mexico maps separate. How are the maps working out in Mexico? As I stated we are still using paper maps. Brad and Leanne
  4. ARPrv ARPrv is improved RV refrigerator control extending fridge life; safety by improved RV fire prevention; helps prevent food spoilage. Please see Dometic install and Norcold install for your fridge. HEAT MAY BE KILLING YOUR FRIDGE I installed a ARPrv on my trailer. I just feel better now about the safety of my refrigerator and my wife and I. Most of the credit would go to Kirk who recommended the safety device. Thank You Kirk. P.S. I have seen a fire they thought more than likely started in the propane refrigerator. Brad
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