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  1. Today I saw our assistant manager spraying weedkiller all along the front of everyone's lot. Round Up? I hope not. Here are 15 Health Concerns with Monsanto's Round Up.
  2. Hi there! We are in Texas...close to Hondo, San Antonio, Austin and there abouts..... We will be leaving the country for 5 weeks beginning June 1st and are looking for someone to pet sit our two old (17 & 15 yr old) little dogs. Does anyone have any recommendations for someone in this area - we want to pay around $100 per week? The alternative could be that we set up our travel trailer in a park for someone to live in and they can have a mini vacation with no pay. We had a wonderful retired school teacher all lined up and then she has to have foot surgery. I know most RVers flee this area in the summer, but I thought some of you may know of someone...never hurts to ask. Thanks, Danielle
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