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  1. curlydoc

    Toad Question

    What are the requirements for a toad? Must it be manual transmission. Would any Wrangler do?
  2. I have been using my 2011 Ram 2500 diesel Laramie (6 foot bed, non dually) as my tow vehicle for 5th wheels for 7 years and have hadno problems with it. This year I had to get snow tires (Blizzaks) to get around without a 5er attached here in Minnesota. The Blizzaks cannot be used in warm weather and are really not appropriate for towing. My 5er is a Cedar Creek 41 feet with loaded weight of 15, 700 measured. The last set of all season tires were Yokohama 10 plies, and they only lasted two years of full timing (about 30,000 miles). I am thinking I should buy a new set of wheels and a set of appropriate tires for warm weather and RVing. So, two questions. First, steel or aluminum wheels? Second, specific tire recommendations?
  3. curlydoc

    Trip planning maps/software?

    I have been using the Good Sam travel planner for some time. It is balky and of course it tends to show the rv parks that pay to be in Good Sam. Many of those must also pay for the ratings they clearly do not deserve! My wish is to be able to tell a planner how many miles I wish to drive in a particular day and then show me camps and fuel that I can select from. Is there a program that can do that?
  4. curlydoc

    Low clearances

    We are camping at White Salmon, Washington Bridge RV. Washington 14 has a number of tunnels with clearances at the shoulder marked. Yet I see full semis on this route. Can I get my Cedar Creek 5th wheel through these tunnels safely?
  5. curlydoc

    US Route 160 RVing conditions

  6. curlydoc

    US Route 160 RVing conditions

    Considering traveling US 160 from Tuba, AZ to Trinidad, CO. Have 40 foot 5th wheel pulled by Ram diesel. Is this route doable by this rig? Have done some routes that semis were advised to avoid and now wish to follow that advice whenever possible. David Ferguson
  7. I have been diagnosed as having allergies to something in the Gulf air. This is the second winter spent along the Gulf coast and afflicted with so called Texas crud. Pulmonologist suggested wintering elsewhere. Anyone have any suggestions for good wintering campgrounds for someone with respiratory allergies?
  8. curlydoc


    When and why is a dually needed for fifth wheel towing?
  9. I just bought a new 5th wheel from Camping World in Cedar Falls, Iowa. After all the paperwork and payment was concluded, the sales manger called to tell me BTW the batteries are extra. This is the 6th RV I have purchased and the second one from Camping World. I have never been asked to pay extra for batteries on any previous rig. I am not asking for a special kind of battery, just deep cycle 12 volt. Is this a new policy in the industry? Is Camping World changing policy? Opinions?