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  1. We are evaluating satellite antennas as we prepare for full-time living in our fifth year - commencing next summer. From what I have read lots of travelers like the CarryOut G2+. We're also considering the smaller Winegard Trav'ler (which is very spendy - as we say in Oregon). Anyone have experience with the Trav'ler? I wonder if it is worth almost $700 more than the other units? Thank you for your input.
  2. I want to attend an event in Pasadena in Feb. 2018 and would appreciate your thoughts on a good place to park our 27-5L for four or five days. Eastshore looks like it is a time intensive trek in the morning to the Metro Gold Line (need to be in Pasadena by 8:15). Anything in the SF Valley? Or a family who would like to host us in their driveway? Thank you for your ideas.
  3. Just FYI, if you have the interest read The Girls of Atomic City prior to going there. It's a good read and facinating history. Then do the tour while there.
  4. We live in Oregon's "banana belt" - about 26" of annual precipitation - some sun and some nasty winds in the winter. We are researching covers for our 30' Arctic Fox 5th wheel. The rig will be in place for about five months while we recover from surgery. We want to preserve the finish and have already noticed some trim piece deterioration due to UVs. I've looked at PermaPro, ADCO, and Calmark (too expensive) and read reviews that rave about the product or moan about it. What are your experiences? Thank you and happy holidays to all.
  5. For Sale: 2015 Arctic Fox Fifth wheel furniture – includes the recliner ($300), Jackknife sofa (including air mattress - which resides in its base – a very large storage drawer) $200, dining table ($250) and its four chairs ($50 ea.) . The upholstery on the chairs is Arctic Fox’s 2015 graphic design white/black/grey. These are practically new because we removed them within months of taking ownership and prior to travel. This furniture is currently located in Roseburg, OR. Please email me if interested: Lindaclary1@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest.
  6. Elks' Initiation

    Thank you.
  7. Elks' Initiation

    Is anyone sponsoring an Elks initiation? We have a friend who is very interested. My hank you.