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  1. Hi I have a 96 lopro and to replace my shocks received them at NAPA. If you care to you can give them the last 5 of the vin and you will get MONROE shocks in correct size and length. Have good travels Jim S
  2. Been to Slab City and have the 5 t shirts . Stayed with the L.O.Ws and really a great experience. First time was 1999 and a bit primitive at least for some. Military got me used to primitive. SELAH//
  3. Hey Grand Why not do the Rt50 and then go North to US 40 for return to SLC. Drove the 40 in 1965 and a good road and great scenery . Winnemuca is a great place to start. Great travels jim S
  4. I change my coolant in my 466 lopro every 7 years and at the same time flush and change my brake fluid at the same interval. Not in the book from International but personal experience with my truck. Keep safe . Jim S
  5. Here is the email for JudiWilson for Boondockers : Judy Wilson(wilsonjudil2)@gmail.com Hope I have this right. Be safe Jim S
  6. NO wife but paid $264 for a Brevelle big oven. Man does it do the job on bread , pies etc. Course can get the Oster or others at better prices.. JIm S
  7. Not an hdt owner but do have a mid 4700 low-pro. When my temps get high as have been discussed have changed the cap on coolant system . Its a 10lb cap. easy fix.. Jim S
  8. picture looks like my roof about 5 years ago . went with really good clean-off , caulked into separation anf then the eternabond 6" wide. still holding. best of luck as it is a dirty job. jim s
  9. as my departed Father used to do , get a NOTE and then charge 10% interest. If not paid back he would do as stated above deduct it from estate. At least he did that to my brother .
  10. Could you use the new DOD id # instead of SS #. Its offical and replaces the ss #? travel safely.
  11. Just bought a Breville smart oven several months ago. a little pricy at Williams -Sonoma $264- and still figuring it out. Does all you have listed and DOES not take out the trash. Really like it.
  12. Is Jim and his wife still there as managers ? They got rid of the old Mobile home in 2013 and moved the library into the office. Stop there every time I go thru. Always had a full hookup site ..
  13. In dec '15 on I95 north of Brunswick, Ga had a breakdown . Called Allstate wrecker service. Got a guy that sent me a double [2] wreckers to haul be to exit 29. They first took me to Fleet maintenance , was told they didn't do that kinda service and I would need an appointment. Allstate guy sent me around to Wingfoot and they did the repair. a lillte old ]O] ring. great service. Have had them for 11 years. In Feb 16 had another break in transit only this time called Coach net. Excellent service sooner. will keep both and alternate.
  14. Just a comment ... I have 3 AGM 8D's and have lasted 12 years. Fried 4 12v flooded before in period of 5 years. 2 - or 4- 6 volt Agms will probably give you same service . MMHO .. Jim S Life member 38620
  15. I have a Carrier A/C that does the same. Has a separate thermostat and from purchase in May 2003 has when set on cool/low does cycle the compressor on and off. Fan moves air constantly. Keeps unit cool longer. Good travels. Jim S
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