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  1. Thanks Bird, he's building it now so we will see how it all fits. Sounds like you have quite the set-up. I'd like to see pictures of your space when you can. Wendy
  2. Hi ladies, We're about 2 months from putting the house on the market. So we're going thru the house and downsizing. I have to have my sewing but i am sure i cant bring everything. So tonight I bought some nice plastic containers to pack my fabric stash and supplies. I have 6 containers that are approx. 14" x 22" x 5". Then my sewing machine and serger. I'm guessing all this weights 30-40 pounds. Am I out of line bringing so much? The containers will travel in one of the lower compartments that open from outside. Not sure yet if hubby will build a desk or sewing table where the dinette is. He wants to build a sewing area for me but I don't want to take over the RV. How much stuff do all of you have on board? Any help is appreciated! Hope to meet with other quilters along the way. Wendy
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