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  1. Hey all, We're looking into changing domicile to Sumter to take advantage of Fl Blue EPO/PPO options over there next year, but I'm having trouble finding any info about the "Blue Card" that everyone uses out of state. I know it was a valid option in 2017 and I've heard multiple reports from people that have used it this past year, but has anyone confirmed that is still valid for next year, 2018? The reason I ask is as follows: 1/ I cannot find any information about "Blue Card" on FL Blue website 2/ When I try to go through the process of choosing & plan and then doing a provider using either BlueSelect or BlueOptions I get zero providers outside of FL. 3/ If I try to look for providers directly on the FL Blue website (using this link https://providersearch.floridablue.com/providersearch/pub/index.htm) I cannot get any providers outside of FL using either BlueSelect or BlueOptions. There is no option to select "Blue Card" here. 4/ I have called TWO Florida Blue Agents (it's taken me 50 mins of hold each time) and neither one had any information about Blue Card. Both told me that I would have to pay out-of-network costs outside of FL. It's possible I just got a poor draw with these 2 agents. SO, I'd love to hear confirmation from someone that currently has FL Blue (BlueSelect or BlueOptions) to check that they've been told they can still use the Blue Card next year? Nina
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