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  1. Radiator Sealant???

    Sorry I didn't see your note until now. It was just a leaky gasket which I was able to fix! Thanks a lot for the offer though!!!!
  2. Radiator Sealant???

    Located at home in MN.
  3. Radiator Sealant???

    Thanks for the advice everyone. Sounds like I need to do some more research and find out exactly where the leak is coming from and go from there. Hope it isn't a major repair as I have seen the cost to replace the radiator at around $5-$6K. Ouch!
  4. I have a 2002 Monaco Windsor with a 350 Cummins ISC engine. I just noticed a small leak from the radiator based on a little liquid on my shed floor. I have read that you can try adding a radiator sealant such as Zerex Super Sealer to the radiator for small leaks. I guess I am just wondering where to pour this stuff in? It looks to me like the surge tank is the only access I have to the radiator fluid? Can it be added in the surge tank and this will take it into the radiator or is there another location I am not seeing? Anybody used this stuff before and had any luck? Thanks everyone. Brian
  5. Winter Travel Suggestions

    Thanks for the great tips everyone! Hopefully it will only take a day of driving before we get to a warm enough area that we don't have to worry about any of this, but just wanted to be sure! Safe travels everyone! Brian
  6. Am leaving from MN for a trip to warmer climes in the near future and had a few cold weather travel questions: 1. It will probably be quite cold when we leave so wondering if it is necessary to turn on hot water heater while we travel? 2. I plan to run the genset so we can power the fridge and furnace while traveling, so I guess could run the water heater as well? 3. We have a 202 Monaco Windsor. It looks like tanks, etc are all enclosed underneath, but I'm wondering if there is heat ducted into those lower areas as well? I've tried to find a vent and cant. We have run small electric heaters under there in the past. 4. Any other cold weather travel tips?? Thanks as always for your suggestions folks! Brian
  7. Tire Age/Condition?

    Thanks for the responses everyone! As I was typing my note yesterday, I realized I was answering my own question. Why would I risk going anywhere with my MH that has 9+ year old tires on them? All your comments just solidified my decision to order new tires right away. I put my order in for all new Toyo M144's and will get them installed in the near future. Yea it's a big outlay of cash, but now I hope I don't have to worry about it for at least 7 years or so! Thanks everyone for the great input and safe travels! Brian
  8. Tire Age/Condition?

    I have 9 year old Michelin XZA's on my MH and they are hardly worn. I do notice some very fine "spider web" looking cracks on the sidewalls. Since Michelin says they should last 10 years, should I wait another year to replace or be worried about the spider cracks now and just bite the bullet? I was thinking of just replacing the 2 steer tires now and the rear 4 tires next summer to spread out the expense of it but not sure if I should take the chance or just do them all now. I am looking at Toyo M144's as I have read great things about them and they are much less than Michelins. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.
  9. Once again I get some great tips and advice from all of you folks! I will try adjusting my slack adjusters right away! Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and knowledge.
  10. I have a 2002 40' Monaco Windsor with about 70K miles on it. Bought it used last year and have put about 10K miles on it since then. It is the first DP we have ever had so not sure how the air brakes should "feel". It seems like I have to push pretty hard to get the rig to slow down, so I usually use the exhaust brake as much as possible. I know it is a big heavy rig, but it seems like I shouldn't have to push the brakes so hard to get them to slow the thing down. Also, I am towing a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a Patriot Brake system. It doesn't seem like the Patriot applies my Jeep brakes unless I am slowing down really quickly. Is this because this is an inertia system and it wont kick in unless it "feels" the rig slowing down? Lastly, we have ceramic tile in the kitchen/bath area and we had a leak under the kitchen sink recently. Now one of the tiles that sticks out from under the kitchen slide seems to be pushed up. I assume the floor underneath puffed up from the water leak? Any ideas how to fix this without having to replace the entire subfloor? Thanks for any input you can provide folks! Brian
  11. Asheville NC Area

    Thanks for all the replys folks. We decided to stay at Asheville KOA East as it is located near the things we want to see and do. Thanks again for the great info!
  12. Asheville NC Area

    Planning a trip to Asheville NC this mid-October and looking for suggested RV resorts. We have a 40' MH with a toad so would prefer pull-thru site but doesn't have to be. Any suggestions within about 30 miles of Asheville would be appreciated. Thanks folks!
  13. My refrigerator is empty, my coach is stored in a climate controlled building, but my refrigerator seems to run constantly. I would assume that since it is empty and there is no sun shining on it, it should not have to constantly run to keep cool? I have turned the temp down to a lower setting while it is stored and have heard it is better to keep them running while stored than to turn off and on all the time? Just wondering if this is normal for it to run almost constantly? thanks alot
  14. Great, thanks for the advice and suggestions. Will get a new LP detector and make sure the CO detector is working well to. I found both plugs for the fridge and ice maker so will un plug the one and I'm good to go! Thanks again Brian
  15. We have a Norcold double door fridge with a built in ice-maker. I drained the water supply line and shut off the water supply valve as we will be travelling from MN soon and don't want it to freeze. Even though the "wire" switch thing in the ice maker is in the up(off) position, it still sounds like it is running and trying to get water or something. Is there a way to completely turn this thing off or is it ok to just let it do what it's doing? Also, my LP detector goes off for no reason at all. My wife and I were sitting in the unit visiting yesterday with nothing running, and the LP detector went off. Can I just replace it with a new CO2 detector and get the same security for us or do we also need a new LP detector? Thanks for any advice folks. Brian