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  1. AZmike76

    SKP Co-op insurance

    Thanks for the responses from everyone. Still waiting for Miller Insurance to get me an answer for any company they have that will write this type of policy, (I have been with them for years and have fulltimers coverage) Yes, you would think that it would be easy to find an insurance company willing to take more of your money. I am in Texas and apparently there were more companies but they have stopped writing in Texas. I have been able to locate 2 with the recommendations of current residents, Texas Farm Bureau and Hochheim Prairie. The bigger companies I I have contacted can't understand the situation so they just say no, USAA is not available to me. I guess I have the wrong information on the Co-ops being the same, eg. Timber Valley in Oregon, this co-op seems to be different. So at least I was able to find a couple of companies (so far) who will write a policy, I was still hoping to hear from other Escapee Co-op owners as to who they are insuring with. Thanks everyone.
  2. AZmike76

    SKP Co-op insurance

    The problem is its a unique situation that the big national companies don't know how to write. The co-op just leaves it to the individual because they are not really at risk of fire, flood, etc. If you lose your building it is on you as a leaseholder. My understanding is all the SKP Co-op parks are basically set up the same way. If anyone is reading this and is a leaseholder at one of them, please let me know who you insure your shed or casita with. I insure my truck and 5er with Miller Insurance Agency and they are very familiar with Escapees and fulltimers but are having trouble finding anyone to write a policy.
  3. AZmike76

    SKP Co-op insurance

    Thanks for the replies... The information I received from the co-op was that there used to be a local agency that wrote policies but they stopped awhile ago. I am especially interested in hearing from any leaseholders out there from any of the SKP Co-ops. I am just hoping to find a company familiar with the unique situation and not have to reinvent the wheel with a company that has no knowledge of how it works. Thanks again.
  4. AZmike76

    SKP Co-op insurance

    Does anyone have recommendations for insurance to protect the structure and contents of a shed at one of the SKP co-ops where you are a leaseholder? Have no sticks/bricks home any longer to extend coverage from homeowners. Have you found a company who will insure this unique situation? Thanks in advance