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  1. Update... The door has to be manufactured. It will take at least 4-5 weeks. Then once installed it will have to be painted so not a 1 day installation. We are full timers so not sure how to live without a door for the next 5 weeks. Suggestions welcomed!
  2. New symptom... We have almost no water pressure on city water. At the input where I have a pressure controlling fitting it reads just over 40 - which is usually quite good. But inside when I turn on the water it starts flowing and very quickly slows to a drip. I turned on the pump and have nice pressure now. Not sure what it means but pretty sure it's connected.
  3. This is the damage that I will drive 270 mies to get repaired.
  4. It took 4 hours of the tech's time. The result is a broken door (will have to be replaced) and badly torn up door jamb. Disasters... So there were the brakes before we could even get on our way, the alternator that failed in the mountains at 7PM on a Sunday leaving us stranded with trucks whizzing by at 70 MPH, the slide that stuck open, the toilet that just broke... Now this... I think there are 3 in there that are major enough to count. Could tolerate some smooth sailing!
  5. Yes. Took 4 hours and left my rig with a twisted door frame and hole where the handle was removed. Now to find a place to get it fixed. Feeling traumatized and heartbroken - and it could be worse so onward. (You would have loved to see us lifting the dogs, especially the 65 pound black lab, out the emergency escape because after 6 hours they just had to go. Hysterical.)
  6. No resistance at all from inside. I believe that the cable inside the mechanism snapped. So a mobile service is now on it's way. How exciting?!
  7. 2012 Georgetown. Very common handle. I've taken it as apart as I can. Looks like a mobile repair unit is to be here in an hur, so I guess I wait and try not to panic! Thanks for the response.
  8. Replying because I forgot to enable notifications.
  9. Today's adventure is getting out. The door is not locked and the door will not open. Had camp host come and look and they say that the cable is broken inside the handle. I am taking the handle off and the screen door is in the way. Any suggestions? Can't seem to get help from a mobile service.
  10. No on the softener. We do have a water filter, but was told it's not RO. Don't think it flushes periodically but the rig is so new to me that...
  11. Not connected at that time. 10 minutes into a day's drive and checking my tow dolly when I saw this.
  12. I think that it is likely overflow from the fresh water tank. (What was coming out was simple, clear water.) What I don't get is that I filled that tank only 3/4 full about a week before the "gush". I was testing to see if the pump worked and what the water pressure would be (rig is new to us on 5/9). I have added no more water to the tank since! So how's it getting there? I feel like I'm missing a valve that needs opened or closed or something. I have 3 separate water inlets: "City Water", Fill Fresh Tank, and flush sewer. To use each I attach the water supply to the appropriate intake. I have not filled the fresh since that first partial fill. How did there get to be so much to come out? (Rhetorical question, really.) And the small amount of water that I see once a day could be condensation in the overflow hose dripping out. So the real question is do I have a problem or is this a one-time-thing or is this the way it works? If something's broken I do want to get it fixed! Thank you ALL for responding. I'm still digesting some of what you shared. I'm so new to this that the idea of an overhaul to the water pump (which seems to work just fine) is quite daunting.
  13. It does have a screen at the end. It has brownish residue in it and seems to drain a little every day we're parked. Will be watching closely on Sunday when we move to see if it gushes again.
  14. Sorry - new to this... Georgetown XL 378TS, 2012. One goes from the fresh water tank (one of the 2 blue ones). The other blue one comes from the direction of the water heater, which is right next to the fresh water tank. The bigger clear one that "gushed" wraps around in front of the fresh tank and goes further up. Manuals that I have and the one I found on line shed no light. (There are probably more documents out there somewhere that I haven't found.)
  15. Trying to determine what is periodically draining. There are 3 hoses under my rig. 2 are blue and have screw-on plugs. These go to the holding tank and to the hot water tank and I believe are used to drain them for winterization. The third is clear (with a light brownish sediment), twice the diameter of the other 2, no plug but a screen. All 3 come out under the rig in the same place. The clear one seems to discharge a small amount of ?water? a day. That is except for a few days ago when we moved to a new site. When I checked my tow dolly about 10 minutes into our ride, it was gushing and continued to do so for a long time. I don't know what this ?water? is, where it's coming from, if it's a problem. Any information or advice really appreciated!