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Keeping in touch-Class of 2006

Jeff & Suzanne

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Jeff and Suzanne, Congratulations. Be sure to post the dates. It will be fun for all of us to see you guys on TV. What fun!

We are at the SKP park in Benson. It is a great park, and everyone has been warm and friendly. Will definitely be back.

Dave and Diane (Scubadave) and Mike and Charlie (Charlie 60) are here, too. It has been great fun.

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icon_biggrin.gif :Shy?, Modest?, Retireing???? Oh Please... icon_biggrin.gif Can't wait for the debut.... icon_wink.gif


We are having fun here in Benson as Shirley posted...only been here since Friday night ... wll be here 'till the 3rd of April...gonna check out the sites around here and spend time with Gene, Shirley, Diane and Scuba Dave...what fun...we are all so blessed to be priveledged to be living such a life... icon_smile.gif

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icon_biggrin.gifHey all you '06ers...we had dinner with Chris and Cathy Hayden tonight, icon_biggrin.gif over at Shirley and Gene's...


Chris abd Cathy are just about 6 rigs up the street from Gene and Shirley...she saw my post and my blog and realized we all were here and sent me and e-mail and we had dinner...what a kick!!! icon_cool.gif


We're hoping to get together again this week...you know, what else could you do to enjoy your retirement, that would be more fun and exciting...I just love it... icon_wink.gif

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Hi Class,


It is great to read how happy and well everyone is doing. Make sure yall send me those pics of your get togethers so I can post on the class site.




Hey there TV Stars,


Johnny and I thrilled for you two. I love the Gilmore Girls. It is a mom and daughter thing. When with the girls we watch together. Let us know when it airs.


Continued safe travels for everyone. Don't forget I need pics.

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icon_wink.gifJeff and Sue icon_smile.gifyou guys must be havin' a ball!!! How is it to work on a set like that???


I know that you must be excited...and to get to see yourselves on TV...now that will be a real Kick in the pants... icon_razz.gif


Well...something else really neat has happened out here on the desert... icon_biggrin.gifMike and I met the very first people I started talking to (on the internet re: fulltimeing), as a result of this "Forum"...and they are: "Richard & Shirley. icon_biggrin.gif


They are of the "Class of '05". They came into the SKP Park over where Gene & Shirley, Dave & Dianne, Chris & Cathy are, night-before-last...


I can't tell you how nice it was to finally meet them and to really talk to them...such nice people...you meet out here on the road... icon_wink.gif


Tonight we will be having a Pot-luck at our house with all of them...10 of us...Hope the wind dies down (yesterday It blew really hard and last night it kept me awake it blew so hard!!!)...and it doesn't get too cold...I don't think "TAD" would hold all ten of us to eat dinner...Happy hour, maybe...but not dinner... icon_smile.gif


Anyway guys just wanted to give you an update...havin' more than fun than a barrel of monkeys out here!!! icon_wink.gificon_razz.gificon_biggrin.gif

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All right - that's enough. Everyone quit having so much fun until we can get done with (shudder) REPAIRS! All of a sudden the coach wouldn't start from the chassis batteries, had to boost with the house batteries. We did all of the trouble shooting we could think of, Dave was checking batteries, etc. We decided that we would replace the chassis batteries (they were very old), but that didn't help. So we made the trip back to Phoenix to have Cummins look at the coach. All the while knowing that when they found it, it would be small. Sure enough, it was in a cluster of contacts that Dave couldn't get to. Since we were here, we also had them change oil/filters/and lube. And either the stars are in the correct position or something, but in doing the inspections and replacing filters, they found the hangers for the air intake assembly had cracked and would likely have let go, resulting in BIG $$$ repair of the engine. Seems diesels really like to have their air clean and cool coming in. What is it they say, pay me now or pay me later? Well, we leave here a little lighter in the pocketbook, but hopefully avoiding a disaster out on the road somewhere.


So we are headed back to Las Vegas so we can go see Candy Dulfer (Jazz saxaphonist) this weekend and then start our treck towards wine country.

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We finally made it to Pahrump today. Wind is really blowing!


We had thought we would try and stay in Vegas to go to our concert tomorrow, but everything (and I mean everything) was booked. icon_rolleyes.gif So we will drive over tomorrow afternoon and back after the concert.


Going to get together with Joe and Nancy this weekend and tour the winery and do some tasting! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

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icon_biggrin.gifScubadave and Dianne: Glad you guys made it safely...


Last night our pot-luck that we had with Scubadave and Dianne, Gene & Shirley, Chris & Cathy and Richard & Shirley...was really fun...it was really windy and cold outside, so we had to move the party inside by dinner time...not that was a sqeeze icon_rolleyes.gif...but we made it and had a great time... icon_cool.gif


icon_biggrin.gifThanks to all who were here...We enjoyed you all and look forward to meeting you down the road...everyone is leaving in the next couple of days... icon_frown.gifCan't wait to run into them all "down the road"...


Mike and I will be here in Benson 'till Tuesday when Gene & Shirley get back from an "Alfa" Rally in Tucson...they will meet us here and we will head out for Florida...one stop at a time... icon_smile.gif

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Hi all you folks in Benson. I'm right next door to the SKP park, at San Pedro, which has a great Passport America rate. Maybe I'll ride my bike over to the SKP and visit before you all leave since it'll be warm this weekend. I saw some of you rowdy folks at La Posa/Quartzsite one night.


Regards, Ann from Colorado, Class of 2006.

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Finally some classmates heading to Florida!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Jim and I are absolutely loving our new home in the KEYS!! Right now we are staying in one of the houses on the refuge, but will be moving into our own place on Monday!! We were so fortunate......we found a completely furnished house on a canal (we even have our own boat dock)!! Since it is completely furnished, we don't have to 'repurchase' all of the furniture and necessities that we just sold!! The owner is even leaving her kayak, gas grill, televisions, etc. for us to use!!


Jim seems to really be enjoying his "WORK" here, but then he has always loved what he does. The FLORIDA KEYS REFUGES start at Key Largo with the Crocodile Lake FWR and then there are three more between Key Largo and the last one is about 30 miles southwest of Key West....yep you guessed it, most of it is underwater!!


There are some fabulous RV Parks down here, so if any classmates find yourselves in our area, please give us a shout! We are living on Big Pine Key (which is the location of the National Key Deer Refuge and is also the location of the offices for all four refuges!!


Glad to hear everyone is having such a wonderful time 'on the road' and we are enjoying reading about all of the mini-get-togethers!!


Latest update on Class size: 188 Rigs




Safe Travels.....



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icon_wink.gifAnnie's Song...we are at the Valley Vista RV Park just North of you...Dianne & Dave left yestereday...as well as Richard and Shirley, I think...


Gene & Shirley leave this morning and I think Chris and Cathy will be leaving tomorrow...not sure about that one...but we will be here until Tuesday...


Wish I had known you were here you could have joined us for dinner the other night...we did have a very nice time...


Isn't it funny that we are all in the same place...of all the places in this country there is to be...we are all here...I was thinking that about all the guys that are up around Las Vegas too...how fun this is... icon_razz.gificon_biggrin.gificon_smile.gif


Jim & Betty...so glad to hear that you are doing well and that all the things regarding home and work are in your favor...I's always nice when you don't have to worry or go to a job that you hate... icon_wink.gif


Sure wish we had time to get down to your part of Florida...I'm sure that it is beautiful, besides...we would love to meet you in person... icon_smile.gificon_cool.gif


We're just hopeing and praying that it is not as hot as it was last year when I was there...for the birthing of Lukas...this year we'll be there for his first birthday... icon_biggrin.gif

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Alright you guys, I'm really getting "hitch-ich" reading your posts!


I've been hanging here around Marysville, CA, for less than a month and already I miss the road!!


I'll have to hang in here until after the Escapade then, FINALLY, on the road to Whistler, BC.


Well, ok, the wild turkeys & deer are paying my site a visit now. I guess it isn't all that bad after all!!


Travel Safe,


Steve Ball

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Hi Anne,

Nice to hear from you again. Are you on your way to Stockton? It would be nice to see you again. I'm currently in Livingston. I should be a Texan by the end of next week. Cheers for now...............mike


Hey Steve,

How you doing Chief? Hope everything is good with you and Laurie. If I don't make it back to Yuba City before the Escapade, I should see you at the Escapade. If by chance we miss each other have a wonderful trip to Canada. Later, Gator.............mike

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DuaneandLouise icon_biggrin.gif


How are you guys doin. in Califoria???


We are still here in the desert...and the weather is to change today...it is actually gonna'start gettin' warm...should be 86 by tomorrow...that's something, since it was in the mid thirties on Wednesday night...


We'll be headin' East on Tuesday...


The weather through Texas has been a little threatening though...We'll just have to out run the storms, I guess...


Anyway it was good to hear that you're movin' through California...

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icon_biggrin.gifMike...we should cross paths soon...we are headin' East...and you are headin' West... icon_smile.gif


How has the weather been in Livingston???


We will be on the most Southern route though...trying to stay out of "tornado alley"...and you will probably head out to California on a more Northern route...


Any way have a great trip... icon_cool.gif

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Hi Charlie, The weather here reminds me a lot of the Midwest when I was growing up. Warm, muggy, buggy, and thunderstorms with lots of rain. Temps have been mostly in the 70s. Not sure what you mean by a southern route. I'll probably go back on 8, 10 or 40 or a combination there of. They're all southern cal routes. Anyway, be safe and have fun................mike

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