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Keeping in touch-Class of 2006

Jeff & Suzanne

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It seams that at least for some of us this summer/fall is not a good time to travel. Earlier this summer we had a slide that stuck in the in position. Took 6 weeks and "lots" of money. Then this fall we had a tire blow and discovered that we needed new springs and equalizers on the trailer. A couple of days and "lots" more money for this one. Then two days later another blown tire so replaced all the old ones. Again "lots" of money but only a few hours loss travel time. Yesterday had an air leak in the truck that could have caused the breaks to fail. Less than an hour to get that fixed and relative speaking only a few bucks. Hope the rest of the trip south is much better.


Currently getting ready to leave Wells, NV heading south on US 93.

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Watch out road warriors...we're on the move again. :rolleyes: Tomorrow will be in Pueblo, Co, Tuesday we'll head on down to Santa Fe, NM, we'll make a one night stop in Gallup on Friday and we'll begin a ten night long visit to Camp Verde on Saturday the 22nd. We will hold up there until our Nov 1 arrival in Mesa for the winter months. It is just as well that we are moving along...snow is in the forecast for Monday night in Loveland. NO white stuff!!


We are looking forward to seeing many of you sometime this winter...safe travels!

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Hey Gang.... We just arrived in Monroeville, IN to have new tires put on the coach, $$, thanks 2 Dave & Diane after hearing about their tire issues! If all goes well, we should be slowly heading south toward AZ Tues or Wed. Haven't fully decided yet but will likely spend this winter again in Tucson. Hope to see some of you soon!


Stay safe out there!

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Ah. . .the smell of roasting flesh (compared to the coolness of Fall in Northern Illinois). We are now back in Texas at Camp Foretravel in Nacogodoches, or The Mother Ship as we Foretravel owners call it, for the annual coach maintenance and wallet lightening. Work begins Monday and we hope to be in Tyler, TX on Wednesday to see if Barb & Dave have any wine left from their Western travels. Then on to Texan RV Ranch in Mansfield for two months of reunion with Amanda & Robert and Madeleine, Jean-Luc, and our first meeting with our foreign exchange "grand daughter" Silja from Finland. Good times ahead!!!!!

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For our "elder" and "much respected" former "graduating to fulltime" alumini :) :)

..The class of 2007 is sponsering a gathering in Q in Jan of 2012. While it started out as our 5 year reunion it has now blossomed onto a bigger affair! Dare I call it a "homecoming event"??


So all of you are invited to join our little party...here is the link to the "official thread"


Gathering in "Q"

Just post on that thread if you will attend and send me a PM with your e-mail for any last minute notifications.

Hope to see some of you even if for just a day.


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Hello Class! Gail and Keith spent the past 3 months at a hosting position near a couple of families of grandchildren. Nice to spend the time with them and it was the best camp host job you can imagine :lol: We are planning to return to Lancaster OH next May. Anyone out there want the second half of their season?

Now we are at a favorite COE Park--Alatoona Lake near Atlanta visiting family and on our way to Florida for this winter. Still looking for the ideal volunteer position to appear or maybe we will just veg along a beach all winter. Could be worse, huh?


All those repairs being mentioned. Sure do hit the wallet, don't they? But remember, it is all our 'hard' living over the last 5 years causing these problems B)


Hey, Steve. How are you doing? Miss hearing from you......



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We will be having a "smoked turkey" Thanksgiving with our daughter Amanda, husband Robert, grandkids Madeleine and Jean-Luc, showing Silja (seel-ya), their foreign exchange student from Finland, the American traditional holiday; except that Grandma and Grandpa "went over the river and through the woods" to their house!

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Is anyone planning to be in Florida this winter? Keith and Gail just got a dream "job".

I know many of you can't figure out why any free-wheeling full-timers would confine themselves to just one place for several months in a row, but listen to this; we will be parked (free with full hookups) within view of a bay along the Atlantic, surrounded by mangrove forest. Across the bay we face a barrier dune with coral reefs beyond. It is one of the warmest places in the US in winter. We will be required to learn all about coral creatures, dune fields, the challenges of the Keys environment, and we will be required to meet with curious people and help them learn to snorkel, kayak, and understand this environment. We will be carefully trained so that we don't look like the fools we actually are. AND we must spend 3 days each week doing this heavy lifting. What's not to love B)

Come visit us at Biscayne NP this winter if you are in the neighborhood.

Gail and Keith

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We are now ensconced in site V107 of Mesa Spirit - long hard drive from West Texas was done in 3 days this year- - oh do I hate that drive! But we beat the wind, so that was a plus. We went to breakfast with Gordon and Juanita at Wildberry yesterday morning. We're set up for the winter - anyone coming through Mesa gives us a holler.



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Shelly & I will likely be heading up to Mesa Saturday for a few days to visit friends. Will be staying at Val Vista Village but will stop over to Mesa Spirit while there. Hope to see some of you!


Hope everyone had a great Christmas!



We're in site V-107, right across the street from where we were last year. Just give us a holler! If it stays warm, we can do a patio party at our place. Gordon & Juanita are across Main Street from us and Dave & Toni are in Apache Junction and should be back from Michigan next week.






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