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Keeping in touch-Class of 2006

Jeff & Suzanne

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Hay Gang,


I leave Quartzsite on Jan. 28 and don't have to be in Ajo (next rally) until Feb. 2; so I could head for Mesa then if I can find a place to park.


I finnish the W.I.N. Dance Rally in Casa Grande on Feb. 21 and could also head up to Mesa after that. No plans after Feb 21 other than slowly working my way up to Laughlin.


If any gathering falls into place with my schedule of rally's please let me know, I'd love to see everyone again.



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Ali & Ron,


The W(ondereing) I(ndividuals) N(etwork) is a club for rving singles that is very active. Last year they did the complete Lewis & Clark route and this year they will be going To Maine and Back from Southern California......But every Winter they have the Western Winter Circuit where they hold a large number of gatherings around Arizona.


Feb. 17-21 is a Dance Rally in Casa Grande for Valentines. Before that is the Old Time Fiddlers Contest in Ajo (Feb. 2-8) and a hiking rally a Why (Feb. 8-15), and so on for all of Jan. & Feb. & Mar. They just had 121 folks at a boondocking rally at the VFW here in Yuma for New Years.


There are WIN's all over the country and they do things all over the country, mostly involving dancing or kyacking or hiking.


Between the Escapees Solo's, Escapees Chapter 1, Escapees Chapter 38 and the WIN's it seems like I'm always at some gathering or another!



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Hi All,


Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers during my dads passings...


Lord willing Shelly and I will be in Mesa sometime today! A flat tire on the coach yesterday has us running behind :-( The tentive plan is to stay at Val Vist or Mesa Spirit for a few days before heading back to Tucson. Will be great seeing you all again! Will post our site # when we get settled in

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Finally got the work on the rig finished up in Louisiana. I'm now starting a three month volunteer stint at Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge, not too far from Biloxi, MS. If you're heading east or west on I-10, give me a holler and maybe we can get together. ;)

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Hey, are Keith and Gail too late for the party in Mesa? We will be there either tomorrow or Tuesday. Right now we are packing up to leave Dream Catcher. Got to find some place that finally stays above freezing at night. This winter coat weather is for the birds. We never used our furnace so much since we went full time ;)


We will be in AZ until June 1; we are workcamping at Pipe Spring NM in the Arizona strip, but will take until 2/26 to get there. Between then and now we will follow I10 to Q, then head north to Lake Havasu City and Las Vegas.


Hope to hear from any "local residents" :D

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