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‘Everyone eats well in Belgium.’ Try this exquisite recipe with Belgian endive.


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We loved eating in Belgium in the 90s while stationed in Germany.


"When people (sometimes, if I am lucky, French people) ask me why my accent when speaking French is close to spot-on, I respond, “Ma mère était belge.” (“My mother was Belgian.”) I am the eldest of nine Brussels sprouts, issues of a mother from southern Belgium and a father born and raised in Colorado.

A cookbook published in 1996 in this country by chef and author Ruth Van Waerebeek says all that I need say about how, growing up in Denver, we ate at our parents’ table: “Everyone Eats Well in Belgium.”

When I tell people that I am half Belgian, people often then ask me, “Which half?” I place the palm of one hand under my nose and the other palm at my belly button.

“This half,” I say.

The Belgians do not bandy about their cooking the way that, say, the French or Italians historically do. But, yes, everyone eats well in Belgium because Belgian cooking is one of the world’s heartiest, most toothsome and satisfying cuisines on the globe."

The recipe and more is at the bottom of the article here:


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