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Which electric vehicle is right for you? Check out our guide.


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Since I am shopping I found this the best one stop info on all EVs being produced today. It reviews them by category sedans/SUVs/trucks with pictures, quick facts on range, price, with highlights of their reviews. 

Some cautions:

1. Call first as many dealerships do not have any in stock. One Stealership asked over MSRP because they had the only two in the area and said because we can. Tesla dropped prices several times in the following week. My impression is that they are alienating customers by falsely acting like it is a seller's market. Most folks like me can wait, and the ones with no EV experience will be put off by some of the worst "dealership" ploys for sales that are 14 years out of date. Plus they won't be able to compete with price having to pay so many middle men to pay to sell and repair their ICE vehicles. I was frankly amazed at the stall and delay tactics many used when I said I need your best price as I am deciding whether to buy another Tesla Y 320 mile range two motor AWD long range since I can get one fast now for $49.9.

2. I found with my back and cervical issues several I thought would work are too low for me to get in and out of without twisting my back a bit much. I was surprised at how small several were and how little storage they have. We can't get the Bolt or the new PHEV Prius and several others because of that. So make sure you see one before you order one. I have given up on Rivian as they have failed to ramp up and deliver like Tesla and several others have.

3. As well I have not driven one that handles as well as my Y nor has the storage space. Why? Because there were few in stock and most were not available. But the ones I did drive were more like ICE vehicles.

4. Tesla does not do two-way power yet so it cannot be used as a power source in an outage. Ford and several others can, so if that is your main reason for buying an EV 2023 Tesla vehicles so far are not going to do what you want. I do hope they add that and do not do what Apple did with a separate iPhone, iPad, iPod, and no Micro SD card slots, and expect us to buy PowerWalls AND Tesla cars. Also since Tesla came first with a worldwide fast charging system and EVs for sale all the proprietary EV connectors like Apple's Lightning etc may go away soon too if Tesla decides to open all Supercharger stations to the public. Even Apple has switched to the now standard USB C connectors. Good for them. It becomes no big deal if adapters work properly for other brands. I don't charge outside my garage so no adapters here needed but the 50 amp NEMA 14-50R charger/connector that I ordered with the car to fit the NEMA 14-50R outlet I had installed.

5. I am not interested in year long waits like for the Cybertruck so several brands are out.

This is a great article if you are just starting to look. It includes brief highlights/negatives for each, and pics inside and out.


"For this guide, the Washington Post looked at the nation’s top-selling electric models of 2022 and estimated their greenhouse gas emissions using MIT Trancik Lab’s carbon counter. We also used ratings from GreenerCars, which evaluates emissions and pollution generated by the manufacturing, charging and discarding or recycling the parts of each vehicle. And we analyzed rankings from Lead the Charge, a coalition of environmental and consumer groups that investigates how companies source their steel, aluminum and battery components. The organization measures the impacts of those supply chains on human health, biodiversity and resource depletion.

Some of these electric vehicles assembled in North America now qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500. Buyers will receive the tax credits if their adjusted gross income does not exceed $300,000 for married couples filing jointly, $225,000 for heads of households and $150,000 for all other taxpayers.

So whether you are in the market for a luxury sedan or an F-150, buckle up and let our guide steer you in the right direction.


BMW i4

This baby screams “Beamer.” It’s got the classic look of the luxury brand, and might be right at home zipping down the Autobahn. But if you are going to shell out this much for a premium German car, you may be disappointed by the handling, according to Motortrend, which cautioned “the steering feels disconnected at points.” BMW has a relatively strong sustainability record and is building more sustainable and ethical supply chains than many other auto companies, according to Lead the Charge.

  • Range: 235 to 301 miles
  • Price: $52,395 to $67,395
  • Made: Munich
  • Emissions per mile: 215.3 grams
  • GreenerCars Ranking: Above average
  • Tax credit: $0"

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/which-electric-vehicle-is-right-for-you-check-out-our-guide/ar-AA19ZZ70



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One thing I have found looking online is that when a person orders a Chevy EV through a dealer, the vehicle will show up in inventory of that dealer, and sometimes even shows as "available" even though the dealer has yet to receive the vehicle and the vehicle is already spoken for.

Anyone know of a Chevy dealer that has a 2023 Bolt EUV in stock and for sale to the public?

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I just called the local Springs Chevy dealership for the Bolt EUV but having just shopped every brand and dealership for a PHEV two weeks ago I only saw one Used Bolt but it was a standard range and trim bolt, not the EUV. He told me that they have stopped taking orders for them, because the backlog of orders is too long to fill within a year.

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