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Finding a leak in a fuel line


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   I am curious if anyone has used a inficon leak detector to find a leak in a fuel line. There site says it works on vacuum as well as other situations.

    I have been chasing a leak in my 2000 Volvo with a Cummins n14.  Fill the filters. Start the truck and it runs and takes throttle. Let it sit overnight and filters are 1/2 full of fuel.

   So far I have not found diesel on the outside anywhere. I am thinking of putting a new fuel line on it.


   Thanks in advance,   Vern

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     I put a new fuel filter on,  March 27th. Both the one on the frame and the one on the fuel pump housing. 

    I also had stuff in the fuel tank that did not belong there. Found So treatment additive. Pumped some into each tank. Pumped it threw a filter with a small volume pump and back into the tank. Did that for several hours to each tank. Started the truck and it runs much better than before. Fires on all six cylinders evenly now.

   But looses fuel sitting overnight. The only leak I found was the first small filter leaked fuel of the drain knob. Loosened and tightened that several times until it quit leaking fuel. But could it be leaking air. And leaving the fuel run back to the tank.

   I have done other things on the fuel system also. But I need to go out and  try some other things and put a new fuel filter on the first position.


   Will keep informed 



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 No I do not have a Davao filter. The first one is a Baldwin bf 1223.


   So after a new lower filter and both filled up again. Put another check valve in the ecm plate. Yesterday I took the check valve out for a test. 


   Started the truck. Fired every time for 7 minutes and 15 seconds. Give or take. Then running out of fuel.

   Thinking       Thinking new supply line. At least check every connector to the tanks.

  Having fun so I am?

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   I have been trying to find what kind of fuel line fittings are used on a 2000 Volvo Val 610. The ones I am talking about are compression type.

   I cannot find them on the net. 

   I have standard compression fittings for plumbing, and the threads are different.   I do have a few airline compression fittings, but it is raining out at the moment. I will see if the airline compressor fittings are the same. 

   Stopped at a local farm, truck repair shop and a hydraulic shop yesterday. Neither of them ever seen fittings like it before.

  Thanks in advance 

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