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Complete Battleborn Power System in Ft. Worth, TX - Brand New

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My name is Ross Ikle and I’m selling a brand new Battleborn Power System I purchased last year but never installed or connected. This equipment is all brand new and has never been used. It contains the following components to create a complete power system:

Battleborn 100 Amp Hour 12 Volt LifePO Lithium Batteries (3)
Victron Energy MultiPlus 12 Volt 3000 VA 120 AMP Inverter
Victron Energy MultiPlus Lynx Distributor 1000 DC
Victron Energy Smart Battery Monitor BMV-712 with Bluetooth
Precision Circuits Inc Li-BGA 225 Lithium Battery Guard Auto Select Spartan Power 1 FT 1/0 AWG Power Inverter Battery Cables Set (8 Pair) Spartan Power 10 FT 1/0 AWG Power Inverter Battery Cables Set (1 Pair)
Spartan Power 300A ON/OFF Battery Switch Red

Currently, Battleborn offers a very similar package starting at $5375. I’m asking $4800 for the complete system. I accept cash only and will entertain all REASONABLE offers. Please text (no calls) to 720-707-9580 or email me at rossikle2288@gmail.com

Complete Power System 3.jpg

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