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Selling 2004 Pete 387 Texas Passenger Truck Registered

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Hi Folks,


I'm putting my 2004 Petebilt 387 up for sale since I haven't used it in a number of years. (I had posted it before during covid but too many headaches then and it turned out I couldn't find the Texas Title after many moves.  Only had the original Tennessee one for some weird reason.  Now have a newly issued title from Texas so good to go.)  It's currently located just over the Canadian border from Buffalo but is titled in Texas as a passenger truck (meets MH requirement for Texas).  I got it part way through import here in Canada when work moved me here, so it could be easily registered in Canada or in the US where it is still titled. Here are the spec's:

1) About 475,000 miles on it (I bought it at 446,000 in 2008) 

2) CAT C15 set up for 660 HP and 2200 lbs of torque (can be adjusted down)

3) 10 speed Eaton Ultra Shift automatic transmission.

4) Twin 150 gallon tanks

5) 82" Jackknife sofa installed in lower bunk with seat belts.  Original upper bunk (We had kids so needed the bunks)

6) installed Fridge, 1500 watts power inverter and porta potty to qualify as motorhome.

7 ) RAM Laptop mount

😎 Wired for backup cameras (had them on truck and Trailer)

9) Custom air ride hitch rated for 30K

10) has Class 5 hitch receiver for ball mount as well

11) I left it tandem so that I would have the option to carry a vehicle on the back (We never found one that would fit our family of 5)  There is 13 feet clear to the pin.


It has barely been driven since I got it.  Had regular maintenance done on it.  Mostly had to fix things that result from sitting at campgrounds or in storage.  I had a complete service done on it last year so it would be a clean vehicle with no issues for any new owner.  All bags checked and replaced as needed, all brakes, shocks, etc. Required no engine work, checked clean.  All work was done by the local Peterbilt dealer and it passed the Ontario commercial vehicle certification (even though it isn't plated commercial).

I'm asking $35,000 USD for it.


If you're interested the best way to reach me is by email directly at Paul AT Michaudonline.com or on my cell at +1-289-952-6063



Here is a dropbox link to a zip file with a lot of recent images.  It's way too difficult to post them on this site.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/6urf57v6t7lnnhs/2004 Pete 387 RV Hauler.zip?dl=0


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