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Going fulltime on June 1st

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Hey guys, been around for awhile.

Headed out of Cape Cod MA, to start our fulltime adventure starting in June. We plan on becoming TX residents in July.

Just had a couple of questions. We are Escapees members 175454.

Do we need to make reservations in Livingston TX for an RV site prior to heading down there?

Is it usually very busy or hard to get there any time of the year?

I have read about the process of getting swapped over when I do get there from reading it on the club website.

Mainly looking on how to get the process started.

Any help would be appreciated.


Mark Reynolds

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While I doubt that you would need a reservation for Rainbow's End in June, it wouldn't hurt to make one, just to be if you know when you expect to arrive there. To get started, the first thing that I'd recommend is to get your Escapee Mail Service address set up soon, if you haven't done so. When we went on the road, I got my address several months before and begin to shift all of my business mail to that address so that it was all going there at least a month before our actual move. By doing so we knew that all important mail was going there and we then had a personal correspondents start using the SKP address also. That left us a month to know that all of our mail had been moved. 

If you have investment & financial account that you plan to keep where they are, giving them the address change now will give you a chance to resolve any address issues before you physically move. If you plan to keep the same insurance carriers, I would also make those address changes just to be sure that they don't object and to make any needed changes if they do. Health and automobile insurance are both dependent upon the location of residence so you may need to make changes there. Since MA has a state income tax, prepare now to file an early return there to inform them that you no longer reside in MA and you should check to see how that should be handled. I would also contact the Livingston  DMV [(936) 327-6806] if you have questions about getting your driver's license and download The TX Driver's Handbook now just to cover anything that may be different in TX. Your vehicle registration questions can be addressed with the Polk County Tax office.  (Telephone: (936) 327-6801. Fax: (936) 327-6885. Email Address: lesliejonesburks@hotmail.com. Website: www.co.polk.tx.us )

If you have not done so, read The Ten Commandments of Texas Domicile  Feel free to post any additional questions that you may have here as someone is bound to be able to help.

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