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Fire at Benson Co-op

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This morning around 7:45 a casita exploded in the Benson Co-op.  The ensuing fire destroyed the casita and it's associated  park model RV.  Two people were involved, one in the RV and one in the casita.  The casita victim sustained some injuries, the RV victim is ok.  The casita victim is reported as OK.

In addition to the original casita and RV, the fire spread to the adjacent casita to the south and to the New Horizon Majestic to the north.

The casitas and RVs were total losses.

Not sure of the cause.

My picture link does not work.  Kirk was able to grab my photos.  Scroll down a few replies to see them.

Thanks Kirk!!!

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1 hour ago, Kirk W said:

This is the result of your link.

Zoinks! You've taken a wrong turn.

Interesting.  That link works fine for me.  I don't know why it is not working for others.

But it's the same picture as the last one Kirk used to provide the 4 pictures above.  They all came from Kevin H's  post here:


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So sad.  Our lot with a casita was across the street.  I believe that was the first fire in the park; hopefully, the last.  I read it was a faulty propane connection on a tankless water heater.  I don't know if the lot changed hands since we've been there but the owners at that time were very conscientious people who kept their casita in tip top condition.

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3 hours ago, LindaH said:

(or was...perhaps he's out by now?).

A local news report that I saw said that he has burns over half of his body and was air evacuated from Tucson to a burn center in Phoenix. I can't seem to find that story now.

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