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Is it OK to leave the "Cats" in the trailer while on the road?


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Yesterday for the first time I didn't move the cats to the truck when I was doing some things getting ready for the long move today. They seemed OK with it. Sure, once the slides started to close they found hiding places and pretty much stayed there, Once all the stuff was done (about an hour and a half later) and I was parked again I put the slides back out and very soon they came out to explore the Jeep (which was now in the garage). They love sitting on it looking out the windows in the garage, they can't see those windows except for the one that climbs the inversion table and get's it balanced so she can look out. Apparently where I have it set for my height works pretty well with her weight too. 

So, I'm moving about 3 hours today, but before that I'm spending a couple hours parked in a parking lot. It's cool today so I'm not worried about the heat in the truck as much as the cool. It's 43 degrees now with a projected high of 50. Perfect day for me and I'm pretty sure there is a warm spot in the truck for them to hide. The trailer does seem to hold it's temperature for much longer though. 

I've decided I'm going to try it today to the event. If they come out to me when I check them before leaving I'll gather them and take them to the truck for the 3 hour ride, if not I'll stop once and check before arriving. 


Wish I would have thought of this earlier and could have watched for some replies. I'm finishing up on the last minute prep and the computer will be going down soon. I don't access the forum on my hand held device. 



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I'm sure there are some that would label carrying pets in the trailer as some sort of cruelty, but the wife's folks left their two cats in the fiver while traveling and in all sorts of weather. The cats would find warm spots in the cold and on warm days they left the roof vents open and the temps would never get too warm. The cats much prefered the trailer to the truck. 

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Well the time in the trailer was much longer than expected, but the same amount of time moving. Couldn't get the Autoshift to find neutral until 0300 this morning when I checked it for what turned out to be the last time. 

Checked the cats in the trailer several times over the night (each time I turned the key and hoped for a green "N" instead of a flashing red indicator. They would look at me when I opened the door and a couple time when I sat in the kitchen they would come out for attention. 

They are busy exploring again with the slides out and seem none the worse for the trip.

I will for sure bring them into the truck if I'm doing more than a 12 hour drive with an overnight potential stop. I missed them when I was sleeping in the truck as I do when I can't make it from exit to set up in one day. 

I'm in my new spot for about a week and then another 4 to 5 hour trip for a day or two and another 4 to 5 hours till I get to the Spring/early Summer spot. 



One night I was wondering who was lying on my leg. Turned out to be both.


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