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Motorola's handy Bluetooth device adds satellite messaging to your iPhone or Android smartphone

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Wow! Talk about a survival tool for RVrs that like to roam away from cell towers and the Rat Race.


"Need to communicate, but out of Wi-Fi and cellular range? Fear not -- this affordable device could come to your rescue.

This is a credit-card-sized device measuring 70mm by 50mm by 11mm and weighing 70g that contains MediaTek's 3GPP NTN-standard modem to support Bullitt Satellite Connect, plus an eSIM and independent GPS. It connects via Bluetooth 5.1 to any iOS (14 or later) or Android (10 or later) smartphone, and is a rugged (IP68/MIL-STD-810H) unit with a lanyard and attachment loop so you can hang it round your neck or off your belt, or you can keep it in your car's glove box in case of auto emergencies.

Usefully, the Motorola Defy Satellite Link, which is powered by a 600mAh battery, is transferable between phones -- so you could lend the device to a family member who was going on a hiking trip, for example. The device has a physical SOS and location 'Check in' button, so it can perform essential functions even when separated from its paired smartphone.

Bullitt Satellite Connect (BSC) makes use of GEO (geostationary) satellites operated by Inmarsat and EchoStar and managed by Bullitt's satellite network service partner Skylo. A text message (up to 140 characters) with location information from a phone paired with the Motorola Defy Satellite Link and with the Bullitt Satellite Messenger (BSM) app installed travels some 22,300 miles to the nearest GEO satellite and is relayed back to a Skylo ground station, whence it travels via a cellular or Wi-Fi internet connection to its recipient. You are prompted to download the BSM app on receiving your first satellite message as an SMS on a regular smartphone; replies via BSM take the opposite route (Wi-Fi or cellular to ground station, to satellite, to satellite phone).

The Motorola Defy Satellite Link will be available in Q2 2023 across international retailers at $99 / €119 / £99 for the device only. A bundle with a one-year Essential plan (up to 30 satellite messages a month and SOS Assist) will start at $149 / €169 / £149.

"The Defy range of rugged devices have broad appeal, and the Motorola Defy Satellite Link is especially relevant to all of us who have ever found ourselves outside of traditional messaging coverage." said Dave Carroll, vice president, strategic brand partnerships at Motorola in a statement. "Adding assured connectivity with two-way satellite messaging at such an affordable price broadens the appeal of the Motorola Defy range and we look forward to bringing the Motorola Defy Satellite Link to a new segment of mobile phone users in the coming months."  

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