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RVillage shutting down on March 31, 2023

Bill Joyce

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RVillage started as a way to know when other RVillage users were close by so you could get to know them and meet up.  Since it included nice mapping, you could check out campgrounds beforehand and make updates.  This was great for those of us who camped at Elks lodges, since they were included and it was easy to see if they had hookips, etc.  Then Thor bought the site and remade it into something else and the remake was very buggy and unstable.  The site had unlimited photo storage and many groups dedicated to topics like National Parks, recipes, Fulltiming, birding, etc., so it could be a resource and/or time sink for users.  I had an Internet group to help people with mobile internet, so I was invested to a degree. 

But the original intent of knowing your neighbors was lost since that was not important to Thor.  

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RVillage was always a bit clunky, but was a valuable resource for RVers for many reasons. First, it provided a place with RV forums for those folks who chose to not join Facebook. Second (and my favorite feature), the RVillage check-in and map was helpful if you wanted to follow your friends travels and to see where other members of your various groups were staying. This was nice for organizing social events such as meet-ups. 

Once Togo bought RVillage, they began tinkering with it and rolled out a new app that looked fresh, but is even more clunky than the original app. I quit receiving any of my email or app notifications, which made it difficult to administer my group. I also quit getting reminders to update my location. I was ready to throw in the towel, but held on because of our group members who weren’t on Facebook. Now they have screwed it up so badly, they decided to shut it down.  

I will not miss the app, but I will miss the map location feature a lot. Also, the Elks group on RVillage was the best place to find Elks Lodges that offer RV parking for members. It was constantly being updated by members and the admin for that group did a great job. 

Proves once again, if it ain’t broke, don’t go fixing it. 

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1 hour ago, Bill Joyce said:

I find that sad and frustrating.  

I very much agree. One side effect of the success of Xscapers is that we elder SKP members are no longer a priority. I wonder if the current crop of membership and management will find themselves with the same issues of an aging population, just as led to the creation of Xscapers? The surge in younger, still working members has been a good thing for the future of Escapees RV Club, but I wonder about the future of the retiree side of the club.

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