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Southbound I-5 from Washington state to Bakersfield.....this week.

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Heading southbound on I-5 from Wenatchee to Bakersfield and beyond.  But right now, given the weather conditions I am curious about the weather and travel situation in California along I-5.  Right now, the plan is to leave Sunday and hopefully the weather improves in California as it gets worse in Washington.

My "normal" travel is stay a couple of nights in Eugene, at Armitage County Park, to dewinterize and visit friends.

Then a "long" day down to Black Butte Lake just west of Orland, CA.  The backup option is the Forest Service campground on the Sacramento River in downtown Red Bluff.

Last day is a long trip down to Orange Grove RV Park outside of Bakersfield.  They suggested reservations due to huge demand this year.

Looking at the One-Stop Shop Travel Information Site, there are plenty of highway signs along I-5 suggesting to avoid travel.  Looking at the travel camera's it looks to be clear sailing along parts of I-5 and slow travel primarily north of the Bay Area. 

I see that the California state parks have closed to the public.  But wondering about other boondocking sites, for example is Harris Ranch still open for boondocking??  I suspect that I might have to spend a couple of nights boondocking due to slower travel speeds along I-5.  Any other suggestions??  I might need a couple of spots along I-5.

Anybody in California right now, I would appreciate your observations and advice before I stick the Allman Brothers and Southbound into the CD slot.




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Been watching the weather.  

The storms are alternating between hitting the Pacific Northwest and California.  I am trying to time it so the storms flip and I get decent towing weather.

For those wondering how bad it can get this is some sobering reading.


Oh, and it did follow a couple of years of real severe drought in Calfornia.


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