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FUEL SAVE PRO chip To increase mileage


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13 hours ago, gypsydan said:

Has anybody used the FUEL SAVE PRO chip which plugs into the OBD2 plug to reconfiguring The gas sensor and increase the gas mileage by 30%?  The developer is reported to be the whistleblower who exposed the European smog control fraud case.


It is possible to improve mileage over manufacturer's stock tuning.  However, manufacturers have top notch engineers and have tuned your vehicle to it's highest performance and efficiency under the mandates they are given.  They have to consider pollution standards, reliability, and longevity.  Those are just three of the variables they have to deal with.

If you throw those requirements out the window, then yes, performance can be improved.  I doubt that 35% is a realistic number though.  Why would you want to ignore those standards though?  Do you not care about the environment and dependability of your vehicle?

I've studied these tuners and their results for many years, even tried a couple of the more popular and expensive ones.  While they did deliver more power and better efficiency, it was nothing near 35%.  There are ways to safely enhance and improve the performance of your vehicle, but it involves much more modification than just a simple plug in tuner and the costs are such that they will never pay for themselves in gas mileage.

Like others have said, if it was so simple the manufacturers would already be doing it.  The best way to get the most gas mileage out of your vehicle is to slow down.  The biggest obstacle is aerodynamics.  The faster you drive, the harder it is to move the atmosphere out of your way and the more energy you will expend doing so.

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On 12/16/2022 at 10:27 PM, rickeieio said:

Honda had a car here in the US back in the '90s that got over 50 mpg, but it was discontinued because it couldn't meet later emissions regs.  Pros and cons.

Rick, those little Honda Civic CCCV cars only weighed 1350 to 1750 pounds. That was the main reason they got such great fuel mileage. Besides the added emission regulations, a lot of other changes eliminated that generation of cars. Crash standards required better front and rear crush zones, crash beams in the doors, safety cells around gas tanks, shoulder belt reinforcement, reinforced roof structures and all of those added a ton of weight.

Another thing to remember is that cars then didn't have the "niceties" of today. they had roll up windows, no power seats, no AC, no auto transmissions, no fancy stereo systems, no power, heated, cushy seats and the other items we take for granted nowadays which have pushed the weight of a "basic" Civic to over 3,000 pounds.

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Doesn't work - scammers 99% sure:


From our Analysis:

From our research and review, it is our opinion that the Fuel Pro Max chip module is yet another of the numerous light blinker scams. It may also cause ECU damage, so we suggest avoiding it at all costs. You definitely want to pass on this one!


And this posted 2 months ago:

Digging into the website's registration reveals an address in Reykjavík, Iceland... and that very same address has been listed in CISA reports on strains of ransomware viruses. This could be a coincidence – the location in question appears to be an available-for-rent office building, and there's nothing stopping shady entities from simply lying about where their corporate headquarters are located – but it nonetheless amplified my internal klaxons. Worse still, any other information (like about where manufacturing of the product actually takes place) has been hidden behind privacy protocols.

In short, we have an unnamed company which may or may not have ties to ransomware. This same company is running a new version of a scam which has been around for decades. (In case it wasn't obvious already, devices like the Fuel Save Pro do not work. At best, they're boxes containing LEDs. At worst, they set your engine on fire.) In support of that scam, the scammers have flooded the Internet with nonsensical articles that gush over the gadget, effectively eclipsing the legitimate reports on it. On top of all of this, Alphabet has apparently failed to do any kind of fact-checking on the advertisements which they allow to play on YouTube.

What Happens Now?

Maddeningly, there doesn't appear to be any direct way of countering this scam. Reporting advertisements to YouTube has historically been ineffective, and it's unlikely that Google will take the time to purge all of the spurious reporting from its top results. However, we can use the scammers' same tactic against them, which is why I'm making sure to include the phrase "Fuel Save Pro is a scam" here.

If you should happen to use that same phrase – "Fuel Save Pro is a scam" – during your online interactions (and if you should happen to link back to this article)... well, maybe we can help future searches result in something a bit more informative.

Remember, Fuel Save Pro is a scam.

As well my very secure computer kept warning on many of the websites results when searching for is it a scam. They have malware! 'Nuff said?


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Very interesting turn this topic took. An innocent question is asked which quickly turns into a free-for-all of fun making attacks on the topic initiator.  Though there were some honest responses, many others where obvious attacks of ridicule for asking the question. This is NOT something I would have expected from Escapees on this forum.  AND, I'm not quite sure what to make of the moderators (Kirk) last comment. 

If I was a new commer to this forum, and to SKPs, I would be cancelling my membership.

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29 minutes ago, Danfreda1 said:

Shouldn’t be surprised at some of the comments you get on here from some of the same people. 

Don't be too hard on them.  They're old.......🤣

Hopefully, we'll be old some day too.  Although, you're a couple (14?) years behind me.

So, everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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