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Google issues a security update about a flaw it says is already being exploited in the wild.


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Time to update: Google Chrome browser patches high-severity security flaw


"Google has released a security update for for Chrome which protects users against a newly discovered, high severity vulnerability in the browser which it's warned is already actively being exploited by cyber attackers. 

The Stable Channel Update for Google Chrome on desktop is for Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the browser. It's recommended that users apply the security update as soon as possible – something which Google Chrome will do automatically when the browser is closed and reopened. 

The update fixes CVE-2022-4262, a vulnerability classed as high severity which allows a remote attacker to potentially exploit a Type Confusion issue n Google V8's javascript engine by causing heap corruption via a crafted HTML page. 

'Heap' is an area of pre-reserved computer memory that a program uses to store a variable amount of data – and heap corruption occurs when a program damages the view of the heap, which can result in a memory fault which can be abused by attackers. 

Google states that it's aware that an exploit for CVE-2022-4262 is active in the wild – in other words, it's actively being used by cyber criminals to power malicious hacking campaigns – but hasn't yet provided any information on how this is taking place, citing a precaution against providing other attackers with a way to use it before users are protected."

More in the article here:




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YW guys.

I don't do Chrome as I was Firefox and now am using Brave as my default browser. But I know Edge uses the chrome engine or parts. (Don't get me to lying)

I tried to delete it a while back but that's difficult. 

So I just checked Windows update and nothing. So I opened Edge and could not find any update within its settings. So while in Edge's settings I typed "update" in the search box at the top of settings and viola, it did update????

So I'd suggest you check that too if you have Edge on your system. It may be an unrelated update but I learned how to check within Edge. I then singed out of Edge so it isn't running in the background.

Safe computing!

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The thing that annoys me about Chrome updates is that it will not do so automatically unless your computer is on a domain and you use a group policy to set the auto updates. That seems pretty clunky to me. There is a work around though, you set your opening tab to the URL for "Help > About Google Chrome". Anytime you check that Chrome will automatically update so you are causing an update every time you open Chrome. Like I said, clunky.

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50 minutes ago, Ray,IN said:

According to this:https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95414?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop

Google Chrome updates every time you close the browser.

Those colors it talks about? I have never once seen that on any of my computers. Perhaps because I do close and re-open Chrome regularly? However, what it says happens just doesn't work for me at least. My hack, which is explained in several sources, does work. I have no answer as to why Chrome is not behaving as claimed, and perhaps it does for others, but I have yet to see it. 

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