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How to delete your Twitter account (and protect your data)


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Lots of folks may be signing out of Twitter for the final time in the coming days. But leaving Twitter for good isn't as simple as just logging off forever.


"Even before recent events, there were many reasons why people wanted to leave Twitter. From social media detoxes, to simply migrating to a new platform, the transition happens more than you might think. Now, following Elon Musk's tumultuous take-over of Twitter, a whole new flood of individuals are looking for greener pastures. Given the chaos at the company, it's more important than ever for you and your data to handle that exit the right way. 

Unlike most sites that we frequent on the web, leaving Twitter isn't as simple as signing off for the final time and never going back. That's because of the massive amounts of data sites like this collect about us while we're using them. To ensure that Twitter won't continue exploiting your data after you've gone, you need to take the proper steps to fully delete your account and all of the data tied to it on your way out. 

In this guide, we'll explain how to do just that, as well as how to take all of your valuable data with you. Follow along with the steps here and you'll be done with Twitter. Or, if you change your mind and decide you just can't quit the microblogging service, we'll tell you how to undo the process as well. 


How to delete your Twitter account "

Each step with screen shots and related hotlinks are here:


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Clay sorry I forgot to answer your question. Yes:

If you're wondering how to delete your account, and thus quit your Facebook for good, the simplest answer is the following steps:

  1. Click the downward arrow button in the top right corner
  2. Choose settings and privacy, and click settings.
  3. Select Your Facebook Information located in the left column
  4. Choose Deactivation and Deletion
  5. Select Permanently Delete Account, and Click Continue to Account Deletion
  6. Select Delete Account, enter your account password, and click Continue.

Source with more:

https://antimaximalist.com/quit-facebook/#:~:text=If you're wondering how to delete your account%2C,Account%2C enter your account password%2C and click Continue.

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The above twitter deletion steps work fine, I just tried it and I have 30 days to restore it. I found the steps in the menus under settings and support not exactly as the steps show but I clicked on likely buttons and found each step easily. EZPZ if anyone is so inclined.

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Maybe it's just me, but I thought the article was heavy toward app usage on the phone, vs. PC or Apple computer users. FaceBook had a nasty habit of editing the registries on machines used to view linked FB pages, not just for signed in users, and would continue to send data back to corporate even after all the history/cookie/data files were deleted. The only solution to truly stopping FB reports involves RegEdit to root out their trash. Haven't heard if Twitter was as dirty or not, yet.

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Darryl Have you got a source for that? I am on FB but use CCleaner registry editor as well as a few other tools. However it would help if you provided a source for your registry hacks by FB as I already looked and find nothing online about it. I did not find anything in my registry after I cleaned it after I deleted Twitter and cleaned out the little residue left.

Perhaps you are talking about pixel beacons and other cookie-like data from them? I would really like to see your source so I could pursue it for myself and see if there are any "kling-ons" left. I haven't found anything in my searches but more tips on downloading my data before leaving FB or twitter.

I do not use FB or Twitter or banking on my phones or my wife's. We have great systems at home for that with lots more security than Android. So my pass-alongs are generally geared to Desktop/Laptop/Windows Tablets and devices. The exceptions are malware warnings and new features as we Pixel owners get the latest versions of Android without the several months it took Samsung/Motorola/and the other vendors of phones using Android to integrate it with their proprietary so-called "features."

I am becoming more of a phone guy, since getting my Pixel 6 Pro six last year, and that mainly because of the phenomenal pictures and videos it takes and the ease of editing them in phone. I never thought I'd be selling my Olympus 24X optical camera, which I would never have considered before!

For mobile use for media we have our two Surface Go 2 M3 LTE Windows 10" tablet computers for, as well as my Surface Pro 7+ Plus with LTE. And they are the same Windows 10/11 OS and programs as all our machines. I am selling my Surface Pro 7 if anyone is interested. i7 16GB/256GB pen and cases and typecover keyboard.

We don't hate Samsung, we both use Samsung smartwatches.


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Sorry I have slept since then and no recall at all. I have written about pixel beacons and some other new kling-ons but they were either OBE or defeated. I am sure The Zuck will come up with new ways but I believe Social media is running down and the bots affecting so many's opinions will wind down and be replaced again.

Sorry I can't recall it. And I am not getting oldtimer's, just tech has moved so fast everything not in front of me falls off my plate. I am revisiting loading Windows 10 as a fresh install on a blank M.2 NVMe drive that I am going to try out on a project 2018 Dell AIO i7 computer that just needed some RAM and an SSD as it came with a HDD! It was upgraded to Windows 11 and was sloooooow. Now fast but I believe still some issues with drivers as Dell dropped support before 11 came out, even though it is an AIO touchscreen computer. I need to find the new rules and may even go to Linux with it as a test. If it owrks in 10 and gets the new Bios my work is done!

I have to look it all up again as details can be traps if misremembered. It's OK however, as I am enjoying fixing up a misconfigured system again. I says it needs a update on Bios and another system driver but downloads of that driver fails . 

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