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Has anyone else discovered the Corn based litter? I know there are several options out there for the litter box and previously I tried to use the dust free clumping clay because it seemed to be the least expensive and other than the weight of the containers it was pretty easy to handle. 

One day in a "Tractor Supply" store I noticed the Red bag of "Worlds Best Litter". I read on the bag that it was composed of a product from Corn and was said to be compostable. Seemed like a much more environmentally friendly product so I have tried it and have been using it for the past 5 months. The bag is a bit pricey at $19, but its lite weight mostly dust free and clumps well.  It did take a bit for my felines to use it without a bit of clay litter mixed in. The instructions are pretty good about how to mix it a little at a time  with the current litter. I had three litter boxes and followed the instructions for one, used quite a bit more in the second one and put the product in the third one. It sat unused for several days before the youngest decided it was more than just something to play in. 

This is not a commercial and I have no known stake in the company. If you happen to see it and wonder if it works, here's my opinion. Yes it works well. 




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Yep, been using a version of that for almost 5 years!  The gal I got my kitten from used it and passed along the info to me.  At that time I bought Purina Layena Crumbles but I've bought other brands of crumbles and it works just as well.  50 lbs for $20 is what it is now, when I started it was $15 - $17 depending on where I purchased.  Why I like it?  No odor, clumps, isn't clay, can be found just about anywhere there is a feed store in small towns.  I have 2 buckets with lids that I store it in and that works for me.  Never had any issue with my cat not using it.


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