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Awning bubbles

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Hmm ... Best to replace the awning with some decent canvas and never worry about bubbles again . 

Until then , I'd simply puncture each bubble , so it deflates . Then spray an appropriate amount of 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive through the hole you made . 

Press the 'liner' back into place . And , hope it stays .

Hope no more bubbles show . ;)

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The reason is, most likely, that long-term exposure to heat and sun (and wind and cold) have loosened the adhesive in that area.  Pat & Pete's suggest is a good one, for a temporary fix.  That... or replace the entire thing.  (I wouldn't, just for one bubble!)

A similar trick, if you're trying to remove something deliberately adhered with adhesive, such as an RV decal, bumper stickers, etc., you can use a heat gun or hair dryer to also loosen and weaken the glue so it can be peeled off.

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2 hours ago, VC 23RSS said:

If you do the 3M adhesive trick, put a layer of saran warp on the area before your roll the awning back up.  To prevent a sticky situation. 

Thinking ahead is a good tip. Thinking ahead sums up in 2 words what the Army taught me in an entire book on successful mission accomplishment.

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