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New Rig, Ready For Suggestions and Time to Get to Work


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Well, fenders would be a good start.  Depending your registration, marker and clearance lights, side marker lights if you're over 30', reflective material pretty much everywhere a light is required, mud flaps........

How are you registered?  If it's not "road tractor", you have a lot of work to do.

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Depends on what you have to start with, which way you are registering it, and how you plan to use it. 

You might need to or want to add a porta potti, microwave, inverter, aux heater, fridge,  shore power connection to the truck if you want to use it as a mini motorhome. Storage boxes are nice.

Some people add generators & extra water tanks, especially if they do a lot of boondocking. 

Some add solar panels to keep batteries charged. 

Some add bike lifts, smart car beds, vehicle beds, or beds that can handle other types of toys.

Think about your mission profile and use that as your guide.

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It's registered as a motorhome and we've already purchased the porta potti, microwave, and working on fenders.  Bed design is in my head and to come.  We will be pulling our 5th wheel and will be using it as a dual purpose vehicle.  I'm planning to essentially use it as a pick up since I traded mine in.  I know, It's going to get interesting.

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