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Help! 2003 Lance 820 Truck Camper - No Electricity!

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So yes I may be an idiot :)

I've recently bought (at an almost bargain price) a 2003 Lance 820 Truck camper, I was assured "everything was working fine a few weeks ago, then there was just no power. There's a 3 month wait to get it in the shop, i'm moving & just want rid of it".

To me this says something failed & if i can find it & replace it all will be well in the world. Power of positive thinking ;)

I have a call in to a mobile electrical guy with good reviews but i'm waiting to hear back.

Does anyone have any ideas where to start looking?

I really need to be able to power the AC for the dog, we're in SoCal near Temecula.

On a brighter note the purchase was a calculated risk & i should be able to get what i paid for combo even if i end up having to just sell the truck it's sitting on. 🤞


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2 hours ago, Macodiva said:

"everything was working fine a few weeks ago, then there was just no power.

I assume that you mean that it has no 120V, alternating current power as in your house? Does it have any 12V, direct current power from the batteries? Does it have any batteries? Do you have a power cord from the RV connected to a proper outlet that you know has power? Do the lights inside the RV work? Do any of the appliances work? You really have not given us enough to even guess what might be wrong. 

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some trailers/ RV's, have a battery disconnect switch, usually somewhere near the batteries themselves.
As Kirk pointed out, there's not a lot of information to go on. In any event, here are a couple of thoughts that might help.

STOP testing at any point you don't feel comfortable with the suggestion.

IF you have connected the camper to the truck, and you know the truck battery is supplying power or there is an on-board battery in the camper, but NONE of the 12V things work, like water pump, lights, or over the stove fan, then there are a couple of things I would look for.

  1. battery disconnect switch is in the off position
  2. 1 or more fuses are blown.
  3. loose connections either + or - at the camper batteries. Clean and or tighten them
  4. Batteries are dead or too low.


 If there is power using the batteries, but the A/C won't come on,

  1. check an outlet in the camper to see if there is 120V there, use a trouble light or hair dryer on the no heat setting.
  2. IF yes, check the Cicruit breaker panel for any that are off or tripped that are related to the A/C.
  3. If no, try to determine if the previous owner installed an incoming power monitor to see if it is in an error state or just not working to allow 120V to pass.
  4. check to power cord connection to the transformer to be sure the connections are tight. (DISCONNECT THE POWER CORD FROM THE HOUSE FIRST!)
  5. The transformer may emit a hum, if it's working, but may also hum if it's not working and producing 12V when connected to the shore power.

One or more of these tips may save you a few bucks from having a mobile electric guy come by.

Cheers and don't touch any bare wires when plugged into 120V!!

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