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Lost & Found Pets of Escapees

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Update, she was safely returned home with her Daddy shortly after the storm passed over. She led us right to where she was missed. Her dad was relieved and super sweet! She just got shaken by the ruckus, and decided that if she couldn't find her way inside, she would find a way to hide! We are thankful she chose our safe haven, and even more thankful that she was returned home safe, dry, and in good spirits! Thank you all who viewed the thread post, it is much appreciated. I am uncertain of how to delete the thread completely, so I just changed the title to a more broad title. Maybe one day someone else will find it helpful when attempting to find or return a lost pet in or around our area! 


Thank you all again, 


Josh and Sarah Williams



Found dog in Copeland Creek & Rainbow Drive. (Promise and Pearl Thomas). She wondered into our shop to escape the storm. He is safe and dry, just really scared. 


She seems to be an older female, very friendly. 

Please contact us, 936-933-6990 or 936-252-6039. 


We will keep her safe, calm, and dry! Please share!! 




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Update on the Original Post.
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