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OT: Oil and grease cleaner


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Definitely off topic but looking to get a reliable answer.  I’ve been working on my Kubota tractor repairing oil and hydraulic fluid leak.  I put cardboard and cat litter where the leaks were but both soaked through and stained garage floor.  I saw a product that was a dry absorbent that soaked up the liquid but also cleaned the stains.  Can’t find it now.  Suggestions to clean concrete floor?

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   You can use simple green to clean the residue and oil from the whole tractor. Take it outside and spray it with simple green, let it sit 30 minutes and you should see how it cleans. It is a safe product to use I do believe.


  Do it on some place the oil will not bother what it is going to fall on.  Simple green may remove oil on the floor also.


  Just a thought,   Vern

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11 hours ago, Pat & Pete said:

I always went outside and grabbed a handful of dry dirt . 

Spread it over the stain and ground it in with my foot . 

Sweep it up and all is right with the world . ;)

Floor dry and a boot will do the same thing. Especially if you lack dry dirt.

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Had to give some nephews the lesson of how to "dance" in floor dry.  They had transmission fluid all over the shop and tried to hose it down with water.

After the floor dry, wet the floor. squirt some Dawn on the affected area and swish (farmer term) around with a broom.  Rinse and repeat as necessary.

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20 hours ago, Wrknrvr said:

  I would not wash my truck engine electrical stuff with with simple green.   I would not wash my truck engine electrical stuff with any thing . Unless reallll desperate 


Dr. Seuss 😊 Couldn’t help reading the first to sentences like a Dr. Seuss cleans his motor…

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That's Vern for you.😁

I do wash motors with Simple Green, or S-100.  Moisten engine bay, spritz on cleaner, swish it about with a paint brush, and rinse well.  Then rinse again, and again.  Most of these cleaners are highly corrosive, so a good rinsing is important.

That said, I've been told Simple Green Extreme is NOT corrosive to aluminum, and approved for use on aircraft.  Haven't tried it myself.

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   I do use simple green to clean lots of petroleum covered things. One time I bought a old oilfield rig that had crude oil on it. Over several months I would spray it down with a stronger version of a similar product. I would spray it down in the am before I went to work, if it was going to rain.  After numerous rainy days it started to show paint.


   Now to tell someone to wash there engine.


  I really would not want someone to say I said so. Then they have electrical problems. And then post here as I said to do it.



  Yea I have done the dirt trick on the floor trick.

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