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Travel in south central Montana possible problems

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   Travel outside of Yellowstone NP may be a problem. Several towns have water on streets. A few bridges are damaged or closed. We went to the Flathead river yesterday and it is full to the top of the banks.

   This situation covers a wide area of the south central area of the state. And other areas.

  So if you are head to this area, you may want to check the weather and road conditions.


  We have the heat on this am. Fishing will be out of the question for a few weeks. I checked out the Swan River yesterday. High and real fast water.



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   I just watched a update on some flooding news in Montana. There was quite a few campers rescued yesterday from at least one campground. There is several real problems in the floods. One or more homes has washed away. Several roads have major damage.


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   There are more damage in the area than was first reported. Red Lodge Montana has been flooded some. There is quite a bit that is just being reported about the area.

   There is some other problems scattered across western Montana, although on a smaller scales.

  Be safe in your travels 

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Gardiner was not heavily flooded.  The town sits high above the river.  Flooding occurred in Yankee Jim Canyon mile marker 13-16 on US89 which was under 2-3 feet of water.  Luckily the road did not wash out and on June 14 was reopened.  The bridge at Point of Rocks approximately mile marker 21 is damaged and closed but you could exit from Gardiner by using the East River Road and then back over the Yellowstone River at Emigrant (bridge was okay there).  That is how I departed Gardiner on June 14 late in the afternoon.

The town was cutoff until they reopened road.  I stocked up with 3 weeks of food and bottled water.  Now am eating down my supply.  Local Gardiner Market was fantastic, restocking shelves and bringing in truckloads of bottled water they had in storage.

The town's water main and sewer lines were severed and is still under a boil order.

The Carbella Bridge was destroyed and is no longer standing.  But that is used for access to Tom Miner Basin which is still accessible via Old Yellowstone Trail.

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Any idea what happened to the BLM Carabella Campground. It was right on the river but a little higher ground. Not that it really matters until they get the Gardiner entrance open which might be years in my opinion. Prepare for environmental suits for the Gardiner highway.

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Carbella rec site probably had water in it but not much there to wash away.  It is now closed temporarily.

Downstream parts of Livingston flooded.  The old railroad bridge east of town is compromised and the adjacent road was closed.

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