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13 hours ago, Overthinker said:

......  We've been going through the ordering process since October of 2020.


Had a Volvo dlr wrench turner in the RV spot next to us this week. He's in Wisconsin, medium size dealership. They have had orders standing for over 400 trucks since mid Oct 2021. They get 5 here, 10 there from the factory. Trickle. The sales people are having to call the customers and inform them that the price on their orders are going up $2500 to $11k per truck depending on the configuration and still can't give them a precise delivery date.

We've seen that across the board with other things. CanAm (Polaris, Spyder trikes, etc) won't be delivering the 2021 models ordered in Sept of last year until the end of July. The popularity of their products has seen exponential demand. The trikes are hot. Their side-by-sides are in demand. Nice to be in a position as a manufacturer where demand outstrips your ability to deliver.... but frustrating for us consumers. Kinda curbs ones enthusiasm.

But, maybe, it brings some reality to our need for immediate gratification we've been accustom. Maybe more like the early days of the Sears catalogs where you'd order by mail and it would take months to get what you ordered. If you were rural, it might just come by horse drawn wagon.

Ahhh, the slower pace of life back then almost seems romantic... until your grand parents tell you they took the Sears and Robucks catalog to the outhouse for toilet paper. Ya. Kinda takes the warm, fuzzy feeling right out of that dream.

But I digress.

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