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Kirk W

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US has over 750 complaints of Teslas braking for no reason


DETROIT -- More than 750 Tesla owners have complained to U.S. safety regulators that cars operating on the automaker's partially automated driving systems have suddenly stopped on roadways for no apparent reason.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed the number in a detailed information request letter to Tesla that was posted Friday on the agency's website.


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5 hours ago, Kirk W said:

US has over 750 complaints of Teslas braking for no reason


Based on the information source provided in this link, a different headline could have been:

"Tesla has revealed, that "Less Than 0.2% of Tesla 2021 and 2022 car owners have complained about braking problems."

IMO,  there's a simple reason ABC chose the title they did - it's better click-bait. 😉

BTW, I don't own any Tesla stock, own a Tesla car, or intend to, in the near future.


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No issues with my 2020 Model Y! The investigations they reference were inaccurate and are yet to be completed. So why act as if the NHTSA already ruled on them? As well as the folks crashing into emergency vehicles found the drivers were drunk and there's no telling what happened yet. But this article is over the top. We had a gasoline car catch fire and burn to the ground here the other day and it barely made local news. Not a mention of it nationally. But if it was a Tesla . . . Anyone see big national news on these:


Koch and the big oil interests are hard at work creating FUD. Meanwhile have any of the "concerned" even sat in a Tesla of any model yet? If not you're doing the same as someone who hasn't even gone to walk through an RV writing about them. Have you taken one one for a test drive yet Kirk? No one is asking anyone to consider buying one, not in this crowd by and large. But if you are going to do confirmation bias posting in the negative here perhaps, like RVrs posting about RVs, it would be more credible coming from one like me and Kirk who RV'd for decades.

I'll stick with my Tesla and Rivian when it comes in. See the prices have gone up but mines locked in.  Unless the Cybertruck comes in before them and is cheaper or the same price in which case I might get my deposit back and get the Tesla.

Gas is sky high here at at COSTCO with $4.49 prices/gal. Our electric has not gone up at all. so it is still about $11-12 bucks for ~320 miles of range. For that same range in the 25 mpg 2019 Subaru Forester we have until the Rivian comes in, it costs 13 gallons X $4.49 = $58.37 to go about the same range. These figures are approximate but close, as the price of gas went up more than 25 cents a gallon. As it has all over the world at different rates.

Let's remember I have now this month owned my Tesla for two years. In addition to saving so much over gas in energy price to charge it versus filling up, after two years of experience, not reading about them, I can tell all that it has cost me zero in maintenance as there are no ignition, hot exhaust, engine coolant, air or oil filters, tranny fluids, water hoses in a hot engine compartment, none of that and more to change or maintain. I did have to bring it in for thermosensor replacement for the HVAC heat pump it uses. It took a few hours and was returned the same day. They keep adding great new features via the over the air updates, about twice a month, too. I had to sit in the garage and play with the display because they changed the UI (User Interface kind of like going from Windows 10 to 11. So I had to relearn just a few things and move some screen buttons around to be comfortable again before I got back on the road a month or two ago.

Despite my hot-rodding launches from red lights to the next when I am first up and no one is in front, my tires and brakes show little wear. Because they don't make noise or peel out just launch like a slingshot, I can just go five over the speed limit and have a blast perfectly safe as are all around me.then slow for traffic or the next light. As well I rarely touch the brakes because the regenerative braking takes care of most of that when I back off the throttle.

I am not trying to convince anyone at all. Just telling how two years of Tesla ownership has been, and with no sudden braking which I am sure they have fixed by now, likely with over the air updates. Perhaps you can let us know the results when they are in and fixed Kirk since you are posting and seem to be tracking it.

All our tools and lawn mowers/blowers/edgers/snow blower/string trimmers/hedge trimmer/chain saw and pole chain saw,  are all battery electric and as soon as the Forester is gone I can sell the one quart of oil and the empty 5 gal gas can. No mess no maintenance, no pulling starter ropes or maintaining the messy air filters and plugs and fuel filters.

Safe travels!

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1 hour ago, RV_ said:

Our electric has not gone up at all. 

You may have lived there long enough yet, but Colorado Springs is wont to make price adjustments, mostly up, as natural gas and coal prices fluctuate. I would expect coal to go up some simply due to the increased cost of haulage. I recall one year when the prices changed three times in one year and when you had your utilities on budget in got real confusing. 


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Ray, I had not as my yard is tiny now intentionally. That is a great looking machine. I had considered a Kubota diesel zero turn with my last place with 5 acres. They were $12k back in 2005! So the price is reasonable. I have two of these: https://www.greenworkstools.com/pro-60v-brushless-25-inch-lawn-mower-2531502

I do my front and back yard in 45 minutes with it and it uses 3/4ths of one battery. It has two onboard. We got rid of all our fossil fueled lawn machines, and also all our hand tools are battery operated as well. Even my two chain saws are Ryobi 18 volt, as well as are our 1/2" and 1/4" impact wrenches. Way easier than plugging in a compressor then attaching the hose and finally the air nozzle or tip. PITA!                

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