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Bike RACKS Hitch

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What do you want to put the bike rack on?  Motorhome, 5er, TT or a car.  One thing you should NEVER do is mount a trailer hitch on the cheap square tube sewer carrier bumper.  When you add the clamp on hitch, and a bike rack and load on 2 or more bikes, the welds will tear out and drop the rear bumper.  You can get an aftermarket bracket to support the square tube.  It is still best to have a hitch attached back to the main trailer frame.


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We've had this rack for 12 years and it's been problem free. In that time it's been from the Nova Scotia to Rocky Point Mexico, Washington State to Florida, basically all over the US and Canada and to many places with bad roads to count. We also been using their cover for 6 years also without any problems.



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