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Teton Lippert Kitchen slide adjustments??


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I have an '08 Experience with Lippert hydraulic gear driven slide assemblies and the kitchen slide is lower in the front when closed.  It also is dragging the floor when near closed.  Have tried raising and lowered the slide assembly(at the jacking bolt on the end of the mechanism) but hasnt made the right difference.  It appears that the entire slide room has dropped on the hitch end and wondering if anyone has opened those up to see how they were built(its under the kitchen sink area with the WH there also).  I am wondering about adjusting or shimming the assembly or slide room up.  It appears from the dimensions of the room when closed that I need about 1/2"-3/4" raise.

Any suggestions?  I doubt that this is Teton specific but certainly is Lippert specific, I think. 

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       The first thing I would suggest it to look under the kitchen sink area. I am sitting in our Teton at this moment and looking at where the interior roller is on the floor. I would say the interior slide roller that holds the slide from rubbing the floor is located directly under the right sink drain. It is installed in the rv floor. You should be able to see it if you look under the slide from the inside. No simple fix for that roller. The plywood let’s that roller sink ,as in the plywood bends over time.

   But I made a simple solution to that fix that I have used for 10 years. Will take pictures later today and post them.

  Now for the outside support tube. The drive gear assembly may have the bushings in the roller worn out. I am not sure how your system is built specifically.    But I have made bolt on slide tube adjusters and put them on a few rv’s. I have 4 installed on our Teton. I will provide pictures of them later today.

    Another thought is kitchen slide floor deteriorating and leaving support attachment area move.    Feel up under the slide floor area under the water heater to see if the floor feels odd. Also check the floor from underneath by the corner of the slide.

  This should give you a starting point.



  It is fixable,    Vern



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Just as your advice about running 4 single tires on my truck is what I chose to try as it all made sense, I anxiously await your experience in my pursuit to repair what you have perhaps already tried and proven.  Although, being so close to departure for WCR, I think I will let it wait till I return before I open the proverbial "can of worms".

So much about why I participate here.  

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