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Dave Guntner

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Bought a new Casita and the water heater won’t work on propane.

ignitor works and then a flash.  Checked to see if the orifice was clogged and the burner tube for spider webs.

tanks are full , stove works and the refrigerator. Water in heater.  Need so advice 

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First, welcome to the forums! We are happy to have you here and will do our best to help.'

If I understand what you are saying, the furnace and other things all work properly but the water heater attempts to light and the propane blows back outside of the burner area instead of igniting in the normal area. If that is what is happening it is what RV techs call flash back. The most common cause of that is for the burner tube to have some type of obstruction. If you are sure that the burner tube is clear then either the exhaust must have some restriction of the propane pressure is too high. 


If you haven't done so, remove the burner tube and make sure that it is completely clear. The picture is for a Suburban water heater. The Atwood has an adjustable air shutter but works the same.


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