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The dreaded rodent, mice.


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We have been getting an occasional mouse or two when our Class C is parked in our homemade campsite on the side of the house next to our fire pit, which of course, is next to the woods.

I finally got out there and opened up the cabinet doors in the bathroom, which is where we caught most of them. I removed a piece of the cabinet that was installed to cover up the plumbing and wiring. Low and behold, there was a wide open hole in the floor for the P&E to run through. I had bought some spray foam to fill these types of holes. I used the one that bugs don't like to chew on hoping that the mice won't like it either. I still need to get under the rig and see what I can find from down there.

Any other thoughts on mice entry points? Fixes for said points? I now have the radio playing hoping that that will deter them, but I have my doubts. The rig is hooked up to 30 amp service.

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I have placed bags of "FRESH CAB" at various places which might be near an entry point for mice. I have used this method for 10 years and have had only 1 mouse in my trailer.

FRESH CAB can be purchased at TRACTOR SUPPLY and I  think the dreaded camping world.




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Open bottle of ammonia, smell kept a lot of mice out of my 23 foot travel trailer. I put a bottle in the bathroom under the sink, near any place the could crawl up through and just inside of the outer storage doors. Before I did this I found mice droppings, I cleaned them up and never found any signs of mice after that.

All around the outside of my trailer I put out traps, Deacon an lots of things that rodents do not like the smell of, plus fake rubber snakes.

After doing all of the above I did not have any issues with mice or any rodent.


Cory O

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The way to get rid of mice is to seal your RV good, including where your water/sewer hoses come into the RV.

It also depends on where you park as Rotorhead above, states.  This is especially true in Fall when mice are seeking shelter.

The only time we got mice in 16 yr. of full-timing and boondocking on public lands was when we were parked in Stanley, Idaho among sagebrush.  It was so bad that we went down to Ketchum and bought about 10 mouse traps & placed them in our basement.  For a couple nights we'd hear those traps springing one after another.

One night we turned on all the lights and walked around the RV with a bright flashlight while laying in the basement to see where light was coming in.  We found a couple spots and spray-foamed them.

We then moved, kept the same traps baited and never caught another.  It wasn't because we used all kinds of gadgets to repel them, including an open bottle of ammonia!  It was because we moved and the openings were sealed..

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Awesome thanks for all the replies. I haven't thought of the rubber snakes. We do have a lot of black racer snakes. I like the idea of turning lights on at night and looking for the entry points. As far as moving I don't have a lot of options. We are in the boondocks, haha. I have tried spreading mothballs under the camper and in the wood line closest to the camper. I'm not sure if that actually helps, but it makes us feel better, haha.

I am going to have to find all the entry points and seal them up. Hopefully those boogers won't chew through. But I think they are tenacious.

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We tried a few things, mothballs, sticky traps, sealing with foam.  The mothballs really smelled strong, so I wrapped them in a ziplock.  On the one hand I don't notice the smell at all, on the other hand we haven't had any mice since 2 years ago.  And we are full time and moving around, where we weren't before.

I looked on youtube and found some folks that demo'd mint and/or irish spring and then baited with grain.  The mice ignored the scents in favor of the food.  So examine your storage compartments for "bait".

The more direct approach was the sticky traps.  In short, they work.  But if it's parked near the woods,,,,  what's your budget like?  😉

I have never noticed, and looked recently too, any chewing on foam anywhere.

Then there is this solution:




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No worries.......


We have by FAR the best mouse and RAT exterminator in stock ready for FAST action......


Forget the Phoney rubber snakes when you could have a LIVE WORLD CLASS ......LAST CHANCE PEAK RATTLESNAKE!!!!


This year a nice Green color seems popular but if you sort through a few dens you might also might find the ever popular two-tone sand-tan with dark Brown trim and those nice dark eyes to zero in on the target ........


Side winders are a bit more work to box up but fairly easy to track in sand......


Many folks seem unaware of the many advantages of Buzz-Tail Snakes........just toss a buzz-tail in  your rollaway tool box and in very little time fewer and fewer folks will want to mess with your tools.......


We have a fairly grumpy rattler that hangs out under a big flat rock next to our mailbox and he keeps the the folks from stealing our bills that come in the mail......


Let me know the color and length of the rattle snake you want and rest assured we never send a rattler out that wont rattle .........don't you hate it when you have a strike before the buzz......no fun without the buzz you know......


We have a nice crop of black widows this year but they only like flies and other insects so not any help with your mice.....


Drive on.........don't run over the buzz tail snakes......they are needed for rodent and ......tool box control....

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