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malwarebytes issue

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   I have used malwarebytes free for years. A day or two ago I had an update but today it is gone from the toolbar. Show on desktop but when I try to open or access it says I may not have permissions.  Informationally computer did an update this am when I turned it on.  ?????

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Permission properties is a way of protecting areas of your computer. 
permissions can be set by the administrator. There’s several types of permissions available to use, including ones you create.

permissions control what the user can do, example DEL files change other user’s password. This concept has been around a long time but is fairly new to Windows users.

  There’s a number of ways that you can work with permissions, I recommend using the Internet to find the method for your use.

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1 hour ago, Chalkie said:

"run as admin"?

tried that and no go.  I recently had the malwarebyte update and it ask for permission and I authorized and it seemed ok. That was a few days ago.  I will look into the permissions the best I can. I think I may have made a pemission change on a  chromebook a short time ago but this one is not the same and is not google but microsoft/HP (but ooold)

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I agree with the uninstall/reinstall. But first run Norton power eraser and have it look for rootkits. It will immediately reboot then when it is booted finish running the scan in Windows. See my next Windows post as support is running out for old versions of Windows 10 that have not been updated. 

Some new malware will prevent anti-malware programs from running. Also make sure you are current on Windows updates.

Here is the page for Norton Power eraser, and p[lease read the instructions first on this page. The download links are at the top.


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