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Starlink Portability Now Available

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I received an email this morning saying that Starlink was now offering "portability" for a monthly fee. 


Portability enables customers to temporarily move their Starlink to new locations and receive high-speed internet anywhere where Starlink provides active coverage within the same continent. To see active coverage areas, please view the Starlink Availability Map.

Perhaps someone here can answer my question about the map. I would say that coverage is available anywhere in North America. However, the map shows the light green as available and the darker green as waitlist. So does that mean we can only move around to light green areas? What is the take by others? 

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16 hours ago, Ray,IN said:

Here is one example of a MH using starlink.

Interesting! I like the fittings to bring the cable through the wall. In truth, I have not considered that because I know how unforgiving Cat 6 can be if mis-wilred and fingers don't do well with fine detailed work any longer. May when my son and I get together next I'll look into it as that is stuff he does on a near daioly basis.


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