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Full time RV insurance

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A lot depends on what State your vehicle is registered in. I use the Escapees South  Dakota address and went with Geico for my Class A, Jeep, Harley and an umbrella policy. Just renewed for the 4th year and very little increase in premium but I bought a new Harley. 

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Do be sure to read the policy you get. Does it include the liability insurance normally included with homeowners or renters insurance? Does it have exclusions that don't work for you? Does it include things important to you? We were once sold a policy not appropriate for us even though we explained our circumstances so do read the policy to be sure it says what you think you are getting. Fortunately, Dave discovered the error promptly so we were able to get a full refund then bought from a different company.


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Had Natl General, then Progressive, now back to Natl General.  Seems you have to change every so often to opt out of increases in premiums. Have always gotten a smaller premium for same coverage to change when current policy raises rates at renewal...

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