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Replacing air conditioner unit - 2003 Four Winds 5000 28A

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Replacing air conditioner unit -  2003 Four Winds 5000 28A

The old one is not quite dead yet, but looking for suggestions on replacement models and tips/tricks/pitfalls of replacing the original unit. It's just the one; in the front living area of the coach. I'll probably order the new unit myself, but have an rv tech do the installation.


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I've replaced several over my 50 years of RVing but I don't like to recommend any certain brand. My suggestion would be to purchase a LOW PROFILE (likely 13,500 will get you by) and Id go ahead and install a Soft Start right off the bat and be done with it, easier to do now then after its up on the roof.. Proper adequate power wiring using a dedicated 20 Amp rated branch circuit for the AC ONLY are in order, but that's for the technician to perform as well as sufficient sealing.

Side Note: Ive owned a ton of flat roof Class C's and the roof tended to sag under the load and vibration of the AC so I have been know to rig and brace up and even lift the roof ever so slightly where the AC sits DONT TRY THAT AT HOME  Im NOT recommending it but ONLY saying what I have done that worked great never any problems

John T   

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If you do it your self, just back the camper under a tree and using a cheap block and tackle tied to a sturdy branch, hoist it up and drive out from under it. Do the same in reverse for getting the new unit up there. That's the hardest part in changing a AC unit, the rest is just a few screws and hooking up the wires.



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8 hours ago, TXiceman said:

I have replaced several roof top units by sliding them up an extension ladder.  The pold unit can just be tossed off.


I agree with the ladder use to raise the new unit, but also use it to slide the old unit down so there's minimal risk of snapping a coolant line. Dispose of the old unit responsibly...

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Too ad to a couple of posters, we back a pickup with the tailgate down to the side of the RV. Then put an extension ladder on the tailgate. Just makes a shorter shove up to the roof. We let the carton on the unit to ease it up and drop over top of ladder onto the roof.

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