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power levelers on 5th wheel

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9 hours ago, raylen said:

How hard is it

I am guessing that you are replacing the 1990 Bounder in your signature? 😊

I have only known 1 person who has done that and I do know that he did a lot of shopping to find a set that would fit on his 32' long fifth wheel. To add a set of jacks that use a central hydraulic pump for the lifting would greatly complicate the issue and my friend chose electric jacks and I think that they were from Power Gear, but I am not sure of that. I do know that he did a lot of measuring to be sure that the jacks would mount where he wanted them before he ordered.

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We did similar, we had electric leveling jacks on our 5th wheel and due to many errors in the programming when trying to level the trailer, we had them changed out to a Bigfoot Hydraulic leveling system. So far in the 1-1/2 years we have only had one error come up and that was because the site was too far out of level and we had to add 17" of blocking to the front jacks to get close to level.  Quadra Manufacturing did the install. Ours uses multiple pumps to power our 6 jack leveling system. Equalizer is another brand but they use one pump to power theirs so they have a lot more hydraulic lines to run.

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We had a 6point hydraulic system installed by Equalizer Systems in Elkhart Indiana about 6 years back. I was going to do the install but thier shop price was just too good so we took a trip. It took 1 1/2 days to install & has been worth every dime  to me.


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